Christmas in July-Summer Trend Cacti and Bright Textiles

Contributor post by Alicia of AliciasFindings

Christmas in July is an Etsy community event that is a blast to participate in! The official dates this year are July 10th – July 20th.

The CIJ team even has all the latest trends, including Cacti and Bright Textiles! This trend is catching on and is so versatile.

Suzanne Love of MountainGoth says:

I started making hats years ago because I couldn’t find a jester hat to finish off my Halloween costume. Back then I never dreamed I’d turn it into a business. This one is made from neon colored cotton.


Jennifer Watson of JenWatsonPhotography let me know:

I have a couple more cacti images soon ready to upload. Discovered in the Cacti & succulent garden at Mt. Cootha Botanical Gardens in Brisbane, Australia.


Sue Green of GreenbriarCreations stated:

I found this great hanky in a box that I rescued from an estate sale. It just scream Kitchen Kitsch – perfect for summer to display on a shelf or in a frame.


Laura of ChickenJungle tells me:

Around 15 years ago I got my first start of this wonderful thornless prickly pear cactus from a Hispanic American vendor at a flea market here in south Texas. She had put a single large pad into a pot, and was selling the pad in the pot for $2.00. Around here, this thorn less cactus is a popular ingredient in many Mexican dishes…it’s called nopales, nopalitos. I took it home and put it in my garden, just stuck it in the ground. That one single pad produced more and more pads, and now it has become a living fence around my garden….all clones of that first pad. It never needs watering, of course!


These shops all have wonderful items that you just gotta see! It’s a fiesta for you eyes!

Christmas in July Shopping Guide – For the Home

Good morning everyone – Jen from Caffeinated Papercuts here with another fun shopping guide for you! Today we’ve got a great list of home accessories, perfect for the person who is always redecorating with the seasons, who carefully chooses each piece to add to the home, or just for yourself! I asked our team members to share their favorite home decor pieces and the story behind them; because really, what’s better than a piece with a story?


Sherry from treasuresRtimeless

I have a real passion for vintage, and I love to sew! So with these thoughts in mind, I found the opportunity to re-purpose several vintage items by designing this wonderful handmade throw pillow! It is designed from a wonderful vintage linen tea towel, beautiful vintage cream lace, and finished off with of course, vintage buttons! It would be perfect for a young lady’s bedroom or sitting on a vintage porch swing! 

Lindsey from AddyluCandles

Lindsey from AddyluCandles

My candles are handmade and hand-poured nightly in my kitchen once my baby girl Addylu goes to bed. The candles are 100% soy, and smell wonderful!! I wanted to create candles that are beautiful to look at and smell, and that are safer to burn around my baby than store-bought candles. At affordable prices, my candles are a great gift choice for anyone on your list!

Angsana from AngsanaSeedsPhoto

Angsana from AngsanaSeedsPhoto

This photo was taken on a cold gloomy morning in Prague. I had planned to capture sunrise at the the famous Charles Bridge, unfortunately it started drizzling, the sky was grey and miserable. Just when I was packing my gears, this lady with a bright yellow umbrella walked past. Snapped! the bright and “sunny” umbrella really make our day!

Laura from ChickenJungle

Laura from ChickenJungle

My dad showed me how to do macrame plant hangers back in the 1970’s during the big macrame craze. He had learned to tie many knots while he was in the Navy in the South Pacific in World War II. Then when he got into the big macrame craze during the 1970’s, he tied smaller versions of many of the same knots he had tied in the ship. Recently I re-read my father’s macrame books from the 1970’s, and now I have got started again on the macrame. I am very glad to continue something my father started so long ago.

For me macrame is very relaxing, especially making these hangers for the home. There is something very satisfying about turning a bunch of long loose ends into something useful! My hangers come with a clear round glass container. They would be great for holding air plants, or as candle holders. The hanger can also be used as a plant hanger for a 5 or 6 inch round pot. 

This is one we have on our walls! A wonderful, sunny reminder to take each day as it comes, and that we are the ones who choose what we feel each day, so it might as well be good stuff!

This image has been taken on Isle of Harris, Outer Hebrides. The Hebrides are perfect if you love the tropical sandy beaches, the azure coloured sea, but are not that keen on the tropical heat.

Earlier that day I have worked out that this would be the perfect view for the sunset – sun setting behind the mountains. Only this was the Hebrides. When I got to my spot the wind was blowing and the odd raindrop or two has hit me in the face. The evening was young and I didn’t have anything else planned, so I decided to sat down and watch the clouds what shapes they create. Miracle hasn’t even been on my mind.

Suddenly there was this lump cloud and I don’t even know why I just grabbed the camera, put it on the tripod, quickly focused on the grass clump in the front and took the shot. The wind was blowing strong and the clouds were moving fast. In the next shot the cloud is just a shapeless lump.

I’m so glad I have decided just to sit down and looked at the clouds.

Carola from CarolaBartz

Carola from CarolaBartz

The inspiration for this mixed media painting came from my love for poppies. In my native country Germany in the summer the meadows are full with mostly red poppies – it’s a stunning scene! After I had read about an interesting technique how to glue crumpled book or newspaper pages to a mixed media painting, I knew that I would try this technique and combine it with my love for poppies.

The painting evolved over a few days – the hardest part was attaching the crumpled paper at the bottom of the canvas. The word “bloom” was a natural consequence.

I can see this painting hanging in a living room over an old desk, in a teenage girl’s room or even in a nursery. How about a kitchen? It would light up any room and just give you some happy and sunny feelings. You can almost hear the humming of the bees!

Elizabeth from ElizabethLovesGlass

Elizabeth from ElizabethLovesGlass

I love giving a new life to glass items that might otherwise have been discarded. In all my mosaics I work with chunks of recycled glass (chipped serving dishes, old stemware, nuggets and scraps of glass from any source I can access). I kiln-form many of the individual chunks to flatten, smooth and/or provide texture, and I use a crystal clear two-component epoxy to adhere the chunks to the base glass, which is often salvaged as well. Upcycled and repurposed, the stained glass effect of these mosaics will add sparkle to your home.

I found this vintage picnic basket, and freshened it up by painting the top of the basket turquoise. I love to use baskets for storage, and the unique sliding top on this one makes it a winner in my book!  In your home, it is both decorative and adds storage. Or, you can always use it to go on a picnic! 

While visiting Europe, I was amazed at their tea towels. They aren’t the cotton towels we use here, they are, in general, linen. Upon return, I was inspired to create my own. They don’t shed lint as other towels do. They don’t scratch the surfaces as other towels do. They have almost a patina when they come out of the laundry. Avoid fabric softener, and they are pretty absorbent. Only problem was finding linen towels. So, I made my own from quality linen from a local fabric shoppe.

Denise from QuiltsHerbsPaper4U

Denise from QuiltsHerbsPaper4U

 I have been quilting and working with herbs since my late teens. I make full size quilts; these items are samples of quilting aromatherapy into home decor sachet potpourri. I like knowing that I can do something to brighten or soothe someone’s day.

Kristin from Vamperstein

Kristin from Vamperstein

I’ve got various photography prints up for sale, mainly with landscape/nature in one way or another. For me, spending time in nature is kind of relaxing (at least hiking calm me down a bit) and you don’t always know when the next good shot comes up. 

Thanks to everyone who shared their stories. Be sure to check out their stores if something catches your eye, and search Etsy using ‘cij’ or ‘christmasinjuly’ for other sale items!

CIJ – Summer Fashion

Contributor post by Megha of byTheArtBug

Summer is one of my favorite seasons – the outdoors, light clothes, the beach, florals, vacations and what not!

A season full of fun and adventures.

Here are some lovely Summer Fashion options:

Vintage Paper Hat | White Cream Straw Hat | Two Vintage Brimmed Sun Hats | Summer Hipster Indie

These lacy light white hats would be a perfect screen from the summer sun. From:

Collectique describes them as, “Casual and elegant look, a vintage cream colored paper hat and white sun hat. Charming worn with the rims down or up. Nice versatile elegant shapes.”

Ooak crochet  vest white with FREE shipping cotton, irish crochet bridal lacy delicate elegant .

Lovely hand crocheted Summery Vest, with an elegant lacy design! From:

Natasha from bythecrochetbug says, “This vest is made with Irish crochet technique which is a very old art of crocheting.Here motifs are made first which are then joined together with delicate crochet mesh.These pieces are very light and lacy perfect for summer. Irish crochet is a method which produces very delicate and beautiful fabric which lasts almost forever. As any damaged motif can be simply be removed and replaced. No two Irish crochet pieces are the same.”

Pinafore Top Girls July 4th Blowout SALE - Size 6/7 Blue Gingham Vintage Linen Summer Fashion, Flower Basket Embroidery

Adorable Summer blue dress! From:

Sue from Greenbriarcreations says, “This little girls pinafore was one of the original items when I started my shop two years ago. The front features a really cute flower basket dress scarf. The rest of the shirt is a cool cotton gingham in Dorothy Gale blue! Perfect for summer!”

Womens Floral Reto Dress Everday sleeveless Sundress in Green and Yellow with flower print. Size 14. Vintage Style Spring Fashion Dress..

This flowery Retro Sundress is a perfect choice for this Summer! From:

Susan from SSFDesigns says, “I had so much fun playing with fabrics to come up with the perfect ones for this summer dress. It was one of the first dresses that I designed so I will always love it.”

30% OFF Set Cameo Pendant Ring  Fatty Collection Woman Flower Dress Victorian Jewelry Antique Bronze Long Chain.

Beautiful piece of Victorian Jewelry. From:

Mow from MONIBU says, “We live in a world where image and outer beauty is more important than inner beauty. This collection is a tribute to all women that we don’t have a body 10 but we are great people.”

Women's Small Clutch Bag Passport Purse Quilted Monogrammed Custom Personalized teal brown peridot green

What a sweet floral bag to carry the essentials on all your summer adventures! From:

Amy from BeadsandThreadsbyAmy Says, “I purchased this pattern to create a small bag for my niece’s birthday. I filled it with all sorts of “girly” things- lip gloss, fingernail polish, lotion. It turned out so well that I decided to create them for gifts for my teacher’s aides and friends. Depending on the length strap you choose, they are perfect for a variety of uses- passports and boarding passes while traveling, a small purse for the bare necessities, a make-up bag, a camera bag, etc. I have quite the stash of fabrics, and they are totally customizable (and personalized at no extra charge).”

ChristmasinJuly 20% Sale Vintage Sleeveless Tropicalprint Vacation Dress

This lovely Floral Dress screams Summer! From:

NoveltyandThings says,” I am a sucker for things vintage especially vintage fashion and houseware. As for vintage fashion prints and bright colors are among my favorite picks. These remind me of my summer beach vacations airy and care free.”

Quilted blue denim patchwork bag with sequins - Greek Wave design - upcycled denim

How about an Upcycled Cool Blue Denim Patchwork Bag! From:

ChickenJungle says, “I’ve always liked to make patchwork using small bits of fabric, incorporating things like sequins, buttons, beads, vintage lace…the possibilities are endless. Blue denim and sequins are an irresistible combination. I made this patchwork bag using blue denim jeans as the body, and for the front pocket I made this quilted patchwork Greek wave in watery blue. The sequins on the front and around the straps make it glitter like water in sunlight. When I made this, I envisioned a swimming pool I had seen long ago – a pool with this wave pattern in a blue tile mosaic around the rim. I also thought of ocean waves and the beach.”

Jewel Toned Crackle Beads with White Jade  Beaded Necklace,  NB101

Jewel Toned Beaded Necklace, Sweet and Elegant! From:

Rose from Rosepetalsjewelry says, “I found these white jade beads at a street market in Turkey. I love white as a background and knew I would be flooded with ideas for them. This is just one of the many pieces I’ve made with them.”

Have a lovely Summer Everyone!

Christmas in July – Craft Supplies

Contributor post by Alicia of AliciasFindings

Christmas in July is an Etsy community event that is a blast to participate in! The official dates this year are July 10th – July 20th.

The Christmas In July team has so many shops that sell a myriad of items, including craft supplies.

I wanted to find out more about these shops and why they sell what they do.

NatashaJ of byTheCrochetBug let me know:

I made these motifs inspired by Irish crochet which is a very old and somewhat lost art. My love for gardening led to to make these delicate floral motifs. These motifs can be used to decorate cushions, dresses, hats, headbands etc. or would make cute brooch or hair clips.

One need not know crochet to use these motifs they can simply be sewn on or glued.


Amy Spock of BeadsandThreadsbyAmy says:

I finally broke down and purchased a lovely sewing room from a dear lady who, unfortunately, can no longer sew. Since I am a quilter and not really a seamstress, I am hoping that these patterns go to a home with someone who can masterfully create lovely family heirlooms for their children, grand children, and even to sell on Etsy. I thought this Vintage (1986) Simplicity bear pattern was adorable and timeless.


Megha Silvano of byTheArtBug states:

I have this card making kit in my shop. Remember the old times when handmade cards were not so rare! A handmade card always has a special personal touch and sentiment. And yes I am one of those people who still give handmade cards and loves to collect them.

With this easy and quick kit you can make three different cards with more then 30 different pre-cut ready to stick pieces to choose from, just let your imagination run wild.


Gloria of LittleFlowerbyGloria discusses:

I think that other jewelry makers can use them to make bracelets, necklaces. I like the idea to share my crochet love with others who cannot crochet. I have to keep my hands always busy so I hope that they can work also for other crafters.


allisoneastmanbeads of allisoneastmanbeads says:

I actually make all of my findings that are available in my shop.


Sue and Misty of shabbyshopgirls lets me know:

We bought these kits for those who LOVE to craft. Some of the most beautiful Christmas items we’ve seen, whether it be at craft shows, antique malls or at someone’s house, have been made from these kits where there are all sorts of parts and pieces, sequins, felt, etc. and embellished with personal touches! Absolutely beautiful works of art all in themselves!!


Kristen Sargent of KestrelCollection says:

This may sound silly but I love folding paper. There is something soothing in making the edges crisp and the points line up. The magic of taking a flat 2 dimensional object and releasing the animal it has inside.

This Japanese Origami Paper Kit is a great way to get started. Instructions are included for making each of the 20 things pictured. The writing on the package is also a very nice real world example for practice reading if you’re studying the language.


These CIJ shops have shown us some wonderful craft supplies. Check out their shops for their sales!

‘Twas The Night Before Christmas In July 2014

Contributor post by Michelle of EviesToolEmporium

‘Twas the night before Christmas In July 2014 when all through the world Etsy shop owners are putting the final touches on their events!

The Christmas In July team leaders have spent the past year working hard behind the scenes for the Christmas In July 2014 event!

We have many fun opportunities for you to be involved!


Please use the hashtag #EtsyCIJ on social media!

We are ready with social media for CIJ 2014!

Facebook Event



We will share more details with you in the days to come!

So mark your calendars, invite your friends, and get ready to celebrate #EtsyCIJ 2014!

Christmas In July 2014

We are excited to announce that Christmas In July 2014 will be held July 10th – 20th. Please join us in the fun and festivities! We will be sharing more information in the weeks to come!

Please join our CIJ Facebook Event and share it with your friends! Thank you!