Do You Want to Build A Snowman?

The time has come for snow, snow, and more snow! Up here in the Northeast US, at least. What better way to spend a snow day than building a snowman? (That and I recently saw Disney’s Frozen!)

First, and most importantly, we need snow.

Lets give him some eyes and a cheeky smile!

A carrot nose…

And a nice red scarf to keep him warm!

What’s your favourite snow day activity?


Wish Lists

It’s always fun to see what other people’s tastes are, so this week I asked the team what is on their wishlist this holiday season. Take a look!

“I have been wanting to try my hand at metal stamping and what better way to do so then with this amazing kit!
I love to be able to create varied pieces, since I feel it helps me provide something for everyone.”

-Alicia of Alicia’s Findings

“I like owls and I like drinking hot chocolate. I love beautiful mugs, and this one caught my eye. I can just imagine my hot chocolate in there, with some whipped cream on top. Before I drink it I would take some pictures of it and put it on my blog.”

Carola Bartz

“This is an incredible item. The hand wrapped cameo is amazing…great detail and color. It isn’t the traditional cameo, either, and is great for horse lovers! I adore this piece, and it is definitely on my wish list.”

-Amy Spock of Beads and Threads by Amy

What’s on your wish-list? Share with us below!

Happy wishing!


Giving Thanks

We’ve been through the mad rush of Black Friday weekend and what a whirlwind it was! But wait a minute… didn’t we just celebrate being thankful for what we already have? Our team got together to share what they are thankful for as well!

Children & Family:

I am thankful for the precious gift of children God has entrusted us with. I am always humbled by the miracle and the beauty of a delicate new life born into this world. ”
~ Rita

I’m thankful for all the special moments I have with family and friends.

Being thankful for the sound of happy healthy children.”

I’m thankful for my my angels (ages 4 and 1) that light up my day and remind me to laugh more, hug more, cuddle more and enjoy the small things.”


I am thankful for the ability to interact with kids and share the gift of art and science (together when possible). I typically have several pieces in my shop where all or a portion of the sale helps me to buy supplies for these projects.

I am thankful for the fact that there was art in our school when I was a child. I believe that it has made me appreciate art so much more.”

Life, Health, & Home:

I’m thankful I have a warm home to live in as many around the world have no place to live or very inadequate housing.

What says home more than a quilt?? These painted diamonds papers have a quilted feel to them ~ just like home. I love quilts!

I’m thankful that the future comes one day at a time.

The older I get I realize just how important health is… This charm represents health and well being.”

As we go through the crazy hustle and bustle of the fast approaching holidays, let’s not wait for November to come back around to reflect on what we are thankful for.

Stay Thankful!


Date Night

Maybe it’s a bit too cold to go dancing in the square, but even with the craze of the holidays ahead of us, every couple needs a night out to themselves.

A map and a wallet all in one, we can ensure that Mr. right won’t forget his money at homeWe also won’t have to worry about stopping and asking for directions, which you know he won’t!

Nail polish is one of the most resilient accessories a girl can have. You can’t leave it at the restaurant, you needn’t worry about the wind mussing it up, and there is zero risk of it wearing down or smearing on your face should things with your date start to heat up a little bit!  So go on, girl. Paint the town. And those pretty nails.

The fairy tale says that at the stroke of midnight, all the good things disappear. Luckily for us, we don’t live in fairy tales. Let that clock tick on past midnight and toast to being masters of your own time over a cozy late night coffee.

Happy Dating!


Half Baked

One of the most loved activities of the cold weather season is baking. Everywhere you go there are warm baked goods to be had, new recipes to try, or the story of a kitchen mishap from the mixer that was on just a wee bit too high (good luck getting the flour off that popcorn ceiling!). Whether you’re making or enjoying, autumn offers some of the greatest comfort pastries known to man.

A staple in most baked goods, there’s a debate in every household over how to crack one of these bad boys open. Personally I use a flat service to avoid shells falling into the mix, but some swear by rapping it against the rim of the bowl. Want to forgo any egg troubles at all? Use applesauce!

Because it is such a festive time, we mustn’t have naked pastries. Whether it be a sprinkling of confectioner’s sugar, or something more fancy, such as a themed fondant topper over a mountain of frosting, your sweets will be the talk of the town. Or at least my tummy.

If we are going to be having a fancy gathering with fancy sweets and fancy toppings, one can not simply reach for a pastry. Nay, fancy serving tongs are required. I do hope you’ve room on your plate for the pumpkin roll. I hear it is fantastic this year.

Thanks for viewing this week! Stay hungry!


Fruits of the Harvest

It’s harvest season! The weather is getting colder and colder, and even though we don’t have to hide nuts in our cheeks for hibernation, November is a time of preperation for the holidays ahead, and what better way to prepare for the winter than with good foods?

Pumpkins that were once for carving are now for eating! How do you take your pumpkin? Mashed? Stuffed? Just the seeds? Or my personal favourite: in a cheesecake? Pumpkins are one of the most versatile bounties of Autumn so don’t be deceived by that slimy goop you scooped out! It’s the heart of the feast!

My favourite harvest accessory:  the cranberry! I mean, lip balm! I don’t know about where you are, but here in New England, November brings on the bitter winds and it is crucial to carry at least three tubes of lip balm with me at all times. Complimenting the pumpkin, or really any harvest food, is cranberries. How do you cranberry sauce? Jellied or whole berries?

We’ve been through the pumpkin patch and the cranberry bogs. We’ve battled near freezing temps and blustery winds. Now it’s time to sit with our family and friends around our favourite table. The chairs are mismatched; squeeze in where you can fit, but mind the dogs sleeping underneath at our feet! The host cuts the roast and as we’re scooping our potatoes onto our plates, several voices rise above the chatter.

“Can you pass the gravy?”

Happy Harvest!


Witching Hour

With Halloween quickly approaching, chills are in the air, blustery winds are sweeping up the leaves left on the ground and swirling them around midair, before carrying them off to a place no one knows. Things creep in the bushes at night and a thick fog lays itself on the field behind the old farmhouse up the lane.

The Witching Hour approaches.

First you catch the aroma in the air, the scent of the witch. A rich pumpkin lager mixed with a sultry rum and exotic spices hangs thick in the air as women clad in black hang by the potion shops before seemingly disappearing before your eyes.

The moon is high in the sky as nightfall approaches. It is full and bright. Shadows fly across it and you blink. Was that a broom? No, your eyes must be playing tricks on you. It was a cloud. Moving so quickly? Couldn’t be. Perhaps they were just some bats.

Weren’t they?

It’s probably best to be heading home now. It’s been dark a while, the air is thick with mystery, and the animals are on the prowl. You flip up the collar of your black wool coat to keep the wind out and your boots click down the sidewalk. Thoughts of witches are tossed from your mind with the flick of your head. Nonsense. Waiting for you on the stoop, however, a slinking black cat.

You don’t own a cat.

Happy Hocus Pocus!