Holiday Goals For Your Shop – #EtsyCIJ 2018

Contributor post by Alicia from AliciasFindings

As a shop owner we all set goals to achieve, especially monetary. Some of us set ourselves goals of item listings,  time spent working each week and so on. Our holiday goals are usually much higher or grander in scale because of the amount of buyers out looking to buy at this time. We want to know what are your holiday goals for this year or for years past? What was your reasoning behind these goals?

spoiledfelines1 from SpoiledFelinesArt says I wish that I could say that my goals for the holidays is something grand … sure I’ve love to get lots of sales and make lots of money, but I hope that I get to create some custom order gifts for the holidays!

Most of my sales tend to be custom order wooden trinket boxes where I hand burn special sayings/sentiments on to the top of the wooden boxes …

While I do make and keep some “ready to ship” wooden boxes with special generic sayings already on them in my shop … it is the custom orders that I find special …

When a customer commissions me to create a gift for that special person in their life, I feel very honored to craft their item … and in past years I’ve gotten several custom orders where the customer was going to give the trinket box (with engagement ring) and propose to his/her significant other!

I guess as its said … “money can’t buy happiness”!


Mairi from mairidesign said my goals, for this summer, are to master the art of getting found in Etsy to be able to make more sales. I need to identify who my customers are and what they would like to see me make. I’m also going to redesign my logo and banner and build collections of designs. Then, be ready for the festive season by September. Ultimately, I want to be able to go on holiday to the beach at Christmas time and collect more sea glass to make more jewellery.
I can do this!


Britney from LitByBrit states I just recently opened my shop and am still trying to learn the ins and outs of Etsy. I hope that by the holiday season I will be more of an established shop. I am testing new fragrances for my soy wax melts and plan to have more listings (including holiday scents) in my shop by Christmas.


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