Leader Spotlight: Mairidesign

Contributor post by Cindy of Cynhumphrey

The Etsy Christmas In July team leaders are an integral part of our success! Get to know leader Mairi from Mairidesign today!

Tell us about yourself and your shop.

I’m Scottish but currently live in Prague, Czech Republic, where I teach English and make stained glass items for the home, like mirrors and suncatchers, and glass jewelery. I’ve recently fell in love with sea glass collecting and have been making jewelery with the pieces gifted to me by the Mediterranean Sea. It’s all about glass with me, be it Tiffany, Mackintosh, Czech beads or sea gems, you’ll find lots of glassy treasures in my shop.

What is your favorite leadership quote?

“If at first you don’t succeed try, try and try again.” Robert the Bruce, king of Scotland, 1314. Said to have been inspired by a humble spider stoically weaving his web as Bruce hid from his English pursuers in a cave.

What leader in your life has most influenced you?

This person wasn’t present in my life but my journey has traveled, a little, in his footsteps and I’ve been inspired by his style. Charles Rennie Mackintosh was a Scottish artist and architect, who had a professional influence on the development of the Modern movement. As well as structural designs, he integrated his ideas throughout by also designing the interior, furniture and textiles.
My first job was working in a stained glass studio, where we made Mackintosh style home decor. I then went on to Art School and studied silversmith and jewelry design in the building that Mackintosh had designed a hundred years before. I have since worked in retail and a graphic design/print studio and have now gone full circle by making more Mackintosh style home decor.

What is your greatest leadership skill and how did you attain it?

Through teaching English as a second language to learners of all ages, I have helped others to better communicate in our language. With guidance and patience, I lead them to be confident in using it, to not worry about mistakes but help eliminate them and to never give up.

What leadership skill do you want to achieve and how will you attain it?

I hope to encourage others to recognize and utilize their talents so that they can be proud of their achievements whether it be small steps of improvement or giant leaps of success.

What are your social media sites?



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