Autumn Maple – Pantone Fashion Color For Fall 2017

Contributor post by Michelle of EviesToolEmporium

Color trends are a wonderful way to celebrate the seasons!

According to Pantone one of the top colors for Fall 2017 is Autumn Maple.

PANTONE 17-1145 Autumn Maple

A quintessential autumn color, Autumn Maple is tawny and russet, introducing warmth into the palette.

Laurie Pressman
Vice-President of the Pantone Color Institute

PantoneFashion Color Report Fall 2017

Members of the Etsy Christmas In July Team have been inspired by the color Autumn Maple! They have created items in their shops reflecting this inspiration! Here are a few!

Karen Hafel from timetalentjewels says:

When making a necklace it takes many beads to build the necklace but sometimes one bead can catch your eye and in this necklace, one did. To me it was the strand of Amber which to me it reminded me of Luden cough drops (funny) but that is what I thought! The necklace just captures the fall time with the shades of oranges, golds, greens with shades of purples and rust. Next best thing there is no other like it! Autumn is definitely found in this necklace and the best part its on sale! Can’t ask for any more, can you?



Kristen from KestrelCollection says:

Pantone’s fall color Autumn Maple is a rich caramel orange. Similar to a tigers eye gemstone. This necklace strikes me as an elegant accessory to show off this season’s color.



Cindy Humphrey from Cynhumphrey says:

As with so many things, I tend to create and design items that I feel are useful and needed by me. I am not one to do a lot of texting because it usually doesn’t end up being “pretty”. It usually entails a few “colorful” words being said because my phone automatically thinks it knows what I am trying to say and either my finger nails are too long or my fingers are too fat for the tiny little keys to push. Probably a combination of both.

So, having a handy little cell phone stylus attached to my phone not only dresses up the phone but also makes it much easier to text when I have to. It’s just a classy way to add some bling to the phone and solve a problem all at the same time. I like to consider it multi-tasking!



Diana from joliefemmebydiana says:

In the autumn, we are always looking for some warm color to match the beauty of the leaves around us. The lovely change of season colors are timeless and warm. This is a great accessory with your favorite handbag and a perfect storage for your sunglasses and eyeglasses.



pam colangelo from PearlsVintagebyPam says:

I love earth colors. Mexican pottery displays earthtones. Autumn maple is found in my Mexican Pottery Collection. This bowl is a great example. Let’s get some rice and beans cooking to put in this bowl!



Stock Lane Studio from StockLaneStudio says:

Pantone’s name, ‘Autumn Maple’ evokes yummy memories of maple bars and drizzled syrup on pancakes. The color is warm and homey. I designed this Halloween printable with our youngest children in mind. The color and font make it fun with just teeny tiny hint of scary.



Patricia from TheOldBarnDoor says:

While this photo card looks rather literal, it brings forth the warmth of the colour Autumn Maple Pantone. Often in the cooler days of fall/autumn, these bright colours give us the warmth we crave and find so comforting.



If you’re on Pinterest here is the Autumn Maple board!

While you’re on Pinterest please follow the Etsy Christmas In July team!

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