#CIJPopUpMarket #3 2017 – Yokojewelry

Contributor post by Michelle of EviesToolEmporium

#CIJPopUpMarket #3 Shop – Yoko from Yokojewelry


1. What is the name of your shop and where do you look for inspiration?

My shop name is “Yoko’s Jewelry”. I used my name simply and wanted everybody know what I do!

2. How has your shop evolved over time?

I started as a gemstone bead jewelry. I’ve been learning metal smith these few years. My design work is getting more full of variety.

3. What do you love most about your work?

To express what in my mind to jewelry and to hear my customer loved my jewelry!

4. What motivating music do you listen to? Share your playlist that gets and keeps you going!        

I always listing a radio. Sometimes country music station, sometimes pop music station. I love listing DJ’s talks as well!

5. What book are you reading right now and where is your favorite place to read?

” Go set a watchman” I’m joining a book discussion group at a library. I love reading a book with them!

6. What are your social media sites?

Facebook: yokosjewelry

Instagram: yoko450

Pinterest: yokosjewelry

Twitter: yokojewelry


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