#CIJPopUpMarket #2 2017 – USA Focus: MPALEDesigns

Contributor post by Michelle of EviesToolEmporium

#CIJPopUpMarket #2 Shop – Jennifer Liepis from MPaleDesigns


1. What is the name of your shop and where do you look for inspiration?

MPALEDesigns (MPALE stands for Military, Patriotic American, Law Enforcement). I look to our law enforcement, our military, and all of the beauty that is America for inspiration. The United States is a wonderful place to live!

2. How has your shop evolved over time?

My shop didn’t start out as a patriotic shop. It started out with the name Violet Valerian and there was a variety of inspirational and funny décor. It was hard in the beginning to find exactly what I wanted to stick with. I have always had respect and love for all of those who help our country and am a Navy veteran myself. Once I found what I truly loved to sell, everything else fit into place.

3. What do you love most about your work?

I love working with customers to get them exactly what they want. I am in constant contact with my customers to make sure that what I am sending off is what they are looking for. I do a lot of custom orders and when someone contacts me to let me know that they received their order and love it, that is as precious as gold to me. Many of my customers tell me who their order is for, so it is wonderful to feel like part of their lives.

4. What motivating music do you listen to? Share your playlist that gets and keeps you going!        

I don’t have a specific playlist that I listen to. It really depends on how I am feeling at the moment. I do find that a lot of instrumental Celtic music really gets me into creative mode though.

5. What book are you reading right now and where is your favorite place to read?

I am reading Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires by Esther and Jerry Hicks. I love lying down and reading a little before bedtime just to get me into a relaxed state.

6. What are your social media sites?

Instagram: mpaledesigns

Facebook: MPALEDesigns

Pinterest: MPALEDesigns

Twitter: MPALEDesigns

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