Tutorial: Wooden Christmas Ornaments – #CIJParty 2017

Contributor post by Michelle of EviesToolEmporium

Tutorial: Wooden Christmas Ornaments by Megha of  byTheArtBug

What is your Christmas Inspiration?

Everyone loves cute tree ornaments and they become more special if they are handmade! I was inspired to make something for my tree this year that was cute and traditional, so decided to do these “Mini Gift Ornaments” with some recycled boxes.


Make these cute and Super Easy Christmas Ornaments in less than 10 minutes!

Materials Used

Wooden Beads (1 Inch or more) Wooden Buttons (1 Inch or more) Fine Ribbon Scissors

Tutorial Directions

Cut two 18″ Strips of Ribbon

Double it and, Put through the bead

String the Ribbon stands two through each button hole

Once done pull the bead up to the desired loop length

Tie a knot with all four ribbon strands

Trim the tail

That’s all, Your Ornament is DONE!!


You may also use twine instead of ribbon, or use more stands, or even decorate the beads with glitter!

Have Fun!

Happy Crafting!

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