#EtsyCIJ Small Business Spotlight – DesignstheLimit

Contributor post by Opal  from ApronStringsOwlLady

Small Business Spotlight – Richard and Tatiana From DesignstheLimit 

Personalized Crystal Nameplate with Clock with Custom Engraving & Choice of Font Selection for Personalization (Each - Optic Crystal Wedge)


1. What made you start your small business?

Tatiana began her career in commercial construction specializing in sandblasted glass artwork in residential, commercial, and other applications. During her education, she has learned a number of skills and she loves to create artwork that is useful and appreciated. We started our Etsy shop while she was finishing her degree and we have been self-employed ‘Quit Your Day Job’ Etsians ever since.

2.  What do you feel is your greatest obstacle facing your small business?

Our biggest obstacle is time. As parents, our first obligation is to our children and they are at a formative age. We try to devote as much effort to their education and to improve the quality of their lives as we can. When we are done being parents, keeping house, and enjoying our lives we get the remaining time to work and share Tatiana’s artistic talents with the world. Our daughters are learning how to create their own artwork and will be selling their own creations on Etsy in the future!

3. What is the greatest strength you personally bring to your small business?

Our strength is diversity. Both of us have our own skills and use our talents in the manner in which we are able. We rely on each other for advice and to get a second opinion which is very different from our own. We are both educated and experienced in our trade, but our greatest strength is in our differences. We each have an very different abilities and between us we can take on a wide range of projects, incorporating our talents, and offering additional design and gift services to make our shop unique. We are making our way based on the service we provide and the manner in which we deliver.

4. What is your small business strategy? How have you set up your business in terms of goals, marketing, business planning, etc?

We are a B.B.B. Accredited Business in Hampton Roads Virginia, Winner of the Wedding Wire Couple’s Choice Award again in 2017, Member of the Virginia Glass Guild, and active both online and offline in making gift giving personal and creating artwork which is not easily forgotten. We have a number of social media pages, can be emailed directly, have a toll-free number, and love messaging with our customers here on Etsy. We plan to continue to expand our inventory and product selection in 2017 and look forward to making gift giving experiences moments to be remembered for our customers throughout the year.

5. What social media sites do you interact on?

Facebook: www.facebook.com/designsthelimit
Twitter: www.twitter.com/designsthelimit
Pinterest : www.pinterest.com/designsthelimit
Instagram: www.instagram.com/designsthelimit
Tumblr: www.designsthelimit.tumblr.com

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