Etsy #DifferenceMakesUs Campaign – Week 3

Contributor post by Michelle of EviesToolEmporium

The Christmas In July team received an Etsy fellowship in 2015 which focused on Instagram. Team leaders Dawn, of DeeDeeDeesigns and Alicia, of AliciasFindings joined me for this fellowship. That is when we launched our Christmas In July Instagram account.

As team leaders we are always looking for creative, innovative ideas to be active on social media. Three weeks ago it was announced that Etsy Success is hosting a #DifferenceMakesUs campaign.

The #EtsyCIJ team is going to bolster our marketing efforts by coordinating a Difference Makes Us campaign with our team members. Here’s how:

We will share the weekly hashtag challenges with our members and ask you to post using #DifferenceMakesUs and our team hashtag (#EtsyCIJ). Follow @EtsySuccess on Instagram for weekly reminders.

As our members start sharing, we will highlight your posts on our team’s social accounts to encourage participation and show the world the creativity of our team’s work.

We are looking for handmade, vintage and supply items!

Important information:
CIJ Team Instagram –
Etsy Success Instagram –
Tag your photo with #DiffernceMakesUs, #EtsySuccess, #EtsyCIJ, @EtsySuccess and @EtsyChristmasInJuly
How to Participate in Etsy’s Global Brand Campaign –…

This week, share your unique clothing and other wearable products with#DifferenceMakesUs#EtsySuccess and #EtsyCIJ for a chance to be featured by @Etsy. Pro tip: Try styling your item as it would be displayed or used. (Check the link in bio for more tips!)

Here are a few jewelry and other adornment items that were featured by #EtsyCIJ team members last week!





We look forward to seeing you on social media! #EtsyCIJ!differencemakesus


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