Leadership Spotlight – ApronStringsOwlLady

Contributor post by Alicia of AliciasFindings

Leaders are an essential part of any team or organization. Leaders help other members succeed and grow as well as help the Captain achieve their objectives. Here at Christmas in July we have some wonderful Leaders and we want to honor your accomplishments in what we are calling Leadership Spotlight.


Jerry and Opal from ApronStringsOwlLady is our next honoree!

1. What made you decide to join the CIJ team and what do you love about the team?

I didn’t know about the CIJ team until this year when one of my other teams, Picking Paradise, ran a CIJ post and I saw this team for the first time.

I love that this team is so upbeat and enthusiastic! It’s great. I decided to join and see what it was all about – I love Christmas!

2. What made you decide to become a CIJ team leader and what do you enjoy most about being a team leader?

I decided to become a leader because it sounded like total fun and an unexpected blessing coming my way!I haven’t been a leader very long – but I’m enjoying learning all about it and having access to the leader realms, and getting to know everyone.

3. What is your style of leadership?

I like to give other’s room to expand, grow, express and be creative. I am not an authoritarian yet can be, but have always loved being around people and seeing all their creativity and learning from them.

4. Tell us about yourself and your shop.

My shop is the Apron Strings Owl Lady Shop. The name was chosen because years ago I ran a brick and mortar store and a in-home party plan craft and floral business with my mom, Lilly – thus, Apron Strings.
We were very successful and it was a lot of fun.

5. What are your social media sites?


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