Staying Organized With Planners

Contributor post by Catherine from DesignsByCnC

The definition of “organized” can often be defined as having one’s affairs in order so as to deal with them efficiently.

As our lives have become increasingly active and more demands are constantly being placed upon us, the use of planners has gained popularity.  In addition to our own work schedules and project deadlines to keep track of, we must also keep track of the activities of our children and spouses.

Styles of planners and systems for staying organized can be as individual and unique as we are.  I asked the members of the Etsy Christmas In July team to share their suggestions for keeping our schedules and activities organized and to feature an organizer or accessory item from their shop that will help us with this endeavor.

From Sherri at ButterflyFeetDigital:

I think printable planners are a good option for staying organized affordably. Some people are satisfied to just make lists, but I find the calendar/planners to be so helpful in keeping track of more than just what I need to do. They are also helpful for things I’ve already done – such as which day I scrubbed the shower so I know when it really needs to be done again! Very simple, but helpful. And of course appointments, whether for a fun lunch with a friend, or a doctor’s appointment.

I started making my own printable calendars and planners before I had even heard of Etsy a few years back when I worked as an administrative assistant. I didn’t start with calendars right away in my shop, but it did eventually occur to me to make them to sell. I enjoy computers, so it’s a natural fit for me.

This chevron design has remained one of the more popular items in my shop, whether in just the monthly calendar, or a full size planner or half-size planner. Pictured here is the letter size, full set planner which includes the 12 page monthly calendar, the weekly planner page, the daily planner page, and the yearly view page. Print all or any that you choose.



2017 Printable Planner Calendar Chevron Style


From Megha Silvano at byTheArtBug:

Printable meal planners are a great way to plan your meals for the week or for the month, you can list your groceries under categories and keep a track of the inventory. They not only keep you organized but will also help you save money and reduce wastage. To save paper you can either frame it or laminate it and simply use a dry erase marker and reuse!

Recipe Cards are also a perfect way to organize and store your favourite recipes! With the card dividers you can easily organise your recipes by categories this makes it so easy to find and use.

This Meal Planner from my shop includes:
1. One Printable Spring Theme Weekly Meal Planner Sheet
2. One Printable Spring Theme Monthly Meal Planner Sheet
3. Recipe Card
4. Recipe Divider
5. Refrigerator Inventory List
6. Pantry Inventory List
7. Kitchen Themed Stickers


Menu Planner Kit

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