Man’s Best Friend

Contributor post by Opal from ApronStringsOwlLady

They are known worldwide as Spot, Max, Susie and Fluff, run to greet us at the door with wagging tails and friendly body wiggles. Yes, they’re our small to super sized pets – our lovable puppies and dogs.

Man’s Best Friend Thread contributors were asked to  share a short, cute dog story, or a tip for helping their pet overcome the summer heat, get more exercise or a doggie tip of their choice.

They were also asked to post a dog inspired listing from their shop. As the thread went on, some posted about other pets as well, but Man’s Best Friend, the dog -seemed to win out in popularity. Listings ran the gamut from inspired to poignant. I thank all the contributors for sharing their wonderful pet memories.

Memories from Jerry and Opal from ApronStringsOwlLady

My little dogs, which I still call pups even though they are both grown are Elvis, a rescued mini- Dachshund mix and Pepper a female mini-Doberman. They inspire and make me happy everyday.

As a kid growing up with my fisherman dad, Ed, I took my dogs fishing and even out on the boat. When making this nautical themed Beach house, i gave it a doggie inspired twist with a porcelain pup sitting on the driftwood porch. I also used fabric with a Puppy Love print to line the inside of the house and sew the handmade flower on the roof top.

Nautical Decor, Beach Birdhouse, Nautical Sea Decor, Whimsical Puppy Theme Ocean Decor, Nautical Gifts, Nautical decoration, Fishing Decor

Whimsical Puppy Theme Beach Decor

Memories from Cher Loose from LooseChipsWoodWork

Fisher and Star are our 6 and 7 year old black labs…. so many stories! I will tell you one about Fisher. We got Fisher at 7 weeks old (now 7 years old) from Leader Dog for the Blind through the Lion’s Club in our hometown. Lion’s Club, is an association that started Leader Dog for the Blind @ 70 Years or more ago. We thought…. heh we can raise a puppy in training for them. Fisher was the cutest little diplomat our city ever met… He quickly fit right into our lives and everyone who met him.

He was in the newspaper several times, went to Ft Campbell and met the officers, soldiers and veterans, visited St. Jude’s Hospital and the children, went to church with us, had stories written about him in the newspaper and was in parades and basically spoiled by our entire city. We raised him for a year and then He had to go to Leader Dog School and be trained to be a guide dog. We threw him a 1st Birthday/going away party and everyone and his brother came to wish Fisher well!

He was in training for about 4 months and we got a call saying Fisher was just not cut out to be a seeing eye dog and they asked if we would like to keep him. We jumped at the opportunity and drove 8 hours to pick him up from school. Poor Fisher, we had dropped him off a happy healthy one year old dog and when we picked him up he was so happy to see us but skin and bones. The entire 8 hour ride home, Fisher had his head on Doug’s (my husband) shoulder while he drove and looked at me with these big beautiful eyes, as if to say… “What took you so long to pick me up anyway?”

Fisher likes to steal food…

Wooden Comical Sign For Dining Room With Pet Owner Never Trust Your Dog To Watch Your Food Carving of Dog At Table

Wooden Comical Dog Sign

Memories from Leila Blakely of LasLovelies

My most favorite dog was Miss Curi short for Madame Curie
One of her quotes: Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.

My Curi was a mutt. She liked to wander the streets. She managed to jump the fence alot and go for miles in the city of Portland, OR. I was always afraid I would never see her again. She was hit by a car twice. Finally we moved out to the country and I worried again because she would wander aimlessly through the forest – not a care in the world. She was always happy even with a deteriorating back and a bladder tumor. She was always smiling and gave me hope because of her fabulous outlook on life. She was my inspiration. She died at the age of 19. I still get teary eyed thinking of her.

Mom Dalmatian with Pup, Lipper and Mann Figurine, Dog Lover, Mid Century Dog Set, Chained Mom with Pup, laslovelies

Mom Dalmatian with Pup, Lipper and Mann Figurine


Memories from Pam Maggio of  PamsPawsJewelry

Growing up dogs and other animals would follow me home! Never could have one though but loved my friend’s dogs and also babysat for them.

Not long ago before I came on Etsy before I had to move due to the recession and job loss, I was trying to start a pet-sitting business and walked some dogs. My business was called Paws and Claws Pet-sitting. If I move back to Central MA I will start it up again.

Apartments don’t allow them so I have raised many cats for a few years and am a cat mom with 2 spoiled furbabies! They help me with my shop and model some items, LOL! Their names are Moses and Miriam. They are also featured modeling a couple of items I bought for them in a couple of teamies’ shops here on Etsy.

Here is a dog brooch I have in my shop:

Pekingese Dog Brooch Dog Pin Dog Collectible Vintage Gold Pekingese Pin Avon Dog Brooch Canine Jewelry Green and Gold Dog Pin Christmas Gift

Pekingese Dog Brooch Pin, Vintage

Memories from Jackie Irwin of  JackJack’sWayart

Growing up as a fisherman’s daughter working as if I was a boy.
I had only one loyal friend his name was Blackie. He was a mix breed mutt black and tan. A short legged little man.

My cousin and were fighting over who would be his owner. So I told her let’s let him decide. She was calling him and so was I. He start to go to her turn and look at me. Came running and jumped in my arms. We had a strong bond right from the start.
We were life long friends he was by my side no matter where I went.

He was hit by a car that though he belong to a neighbor. They were mad at them. I was at my boy friends now hubby house. When I got the call we came back to my house. Blackie was hanging on until I got to him. He died in my arms.  I cried like some one had killed me. My heart was so broken. He was a sweet loyal friend that I treasure having known him.

I still love and miss my first loyal child my Blackie Boy!


Baby Shower Gift

Memories from Stock Lane Studio, Mary of StockLaneStudio

My husband and I used to have 2 St Bernard’s, a male and female, they were old companions. Before we adopted them, they had been living in a small trailer along with their previous owners and 2 other large dogs. I didn’t know it at the time, but the female was pregnant when we got her. So just after I gave birth to my first child, she gave birth to 14 pups! It was a fascinating and joyful experience!! And a lot of work. The old couple has lived their happy lives and my kids just loved them. But after they passed away from old age, our family traveled a lot and that can be hard on pets so I have put off getting another dog or cat. It’s a sure sign that we’re settled now that we have gotten pets.

My daughters both volunteer at the local humane society and have rescued a cat and dog. I told them, just please, lets get a small dog this time. But you can’t help who you fall in love with, and we came home with a German Shepherd. Granted, he is small for his breed, but still not a small dog!! But we love him, he is so smart and devoted to my daughter and loving and gorgeous. And keeps me fit with all the long walks we go on.


Dog Greeting Card, German Shepherd 4x6 GSD Card Blank Inside, Dog Love Pet Lover Any Occasion Card, for him for boy for her Black Dog Card

Dog Greeting Card

Memories from Susan-Sharon Passmore of MsPDesignsUSA

We’ve been lucky to have several great dogs to share our lives over the years. Our current dog is a miniature Australian shepherd named Rowdy. Rowdy is very active and loves to play and go on walks. Sometimes I get a bit lax about playing when I’m busy, but Rowdy reminds me by bringing an assortment of toys to tempt me. I often get up from my work chair and find four or five different toys placed strategically around the base of the chair. It’s as if Rowdy is thinking, “Well, she didn’t like that toy. Let’s try this one instead!”

Dog or puppy PDF applique pattern; farm animal quilt block pattern; pet applique nursery quilt; baby or kid's quilt pattern

Dog Pdf Applique


Memories from Corkycrafts of Corkycrafts

There are a lot of Man’s Best Friends out there in the form of paws, web feet, hooves, claws and also cluck, moo, bark, meow and whinny!

There is always the sound of paws and claws around our back porch. We own 2 dogs, a elderly Labrador retriever and a Golden Retriever which many friends tell me I own the clone of Roger from the “UP” movie. I’m still waiting on the royalties but need I say more? Dogs give unconditional love and these 2 give me laughter and love every day of the week. I’m creating new ornaments just in time for the upcoming holidays and here is one for our Scottie dog lovers…

Scotty Dog Christmas tree ornament - free shipping!

Scottie dog Christmas tree ornament


Memories from Anastasia and Catherine of CutesyPieBoutique

Our first child was our dog and over a decade later he is still a big baby. We love being able to work from home and we spend most of our time with him and he gets upset anytime he is left behind. After his morning wake up call, he often goes back to sleep for several hours which we refer to as his beauty sleep.

He is often seen chasing squirrels in his sleep and he will be quietly barking while his feet move back and forth. We love the joy and entertainment we get from his company and are happy to share our dog tags with you. We can include any text in any font we have available and offer a design option for the other side. Message us for any special requests, we love to make everything personal.

Personalized Heart-Shaped Dog Tag Nameplate in Choice of Four Colors with Your Information in Your Choice of Font from Our Selection (Each)

Personalized heart shaped dog tag





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