DeeDeeDeesigns – #CIJJewelryTrunkShow

Contributor post by Catherine of DesignsByCnC

Virtual Jewelry Trunk Show – Dawn from DeeDeeDeesigns



1. Please introduce yourself! What is the name of your shop? What city and country do you live in?

Hello, my name is Dawn Whitehand, and my shop is DeeDeeDeesigns. I live on a ten-acre property in a semi rural town in regional Victoria, Australia. It is a beautiful spot and inspires me everyday.

2. Tell us the story of your work – what inspires you?

I began making jewellery after an injury to my hand in 2011. The injury meant I couldn’t make larger sculptural works or go on the potter’s wheel for quite some time. So I began making pendants and beads from clay, mostly inspired by the textures and organic colours within my environment..
Since then my jewellery design has expanded to include recycled materials, such as buttons, paper and discontinued beads.

I like the idea of repurposing as it fits within my overall ethical principles – recycling is something I do in every aspect of my life, from gardening to art!

3. What is your creative process?

My creative process varies. Sometimes I have a specific idea in mind an other times I sit down as my jewellery bench and just let the design flow freely – this can sometimes result in some beautiful designs, or at the least can inform future design ideas.



4. Where do your materials come from?

My ceramic pendants and beads come from the Earth – this is one of the aspects I love about clay! My recycled components come from anywhere I come across something I think would make a jewellery contribution.

5. Do you take custom orders?

Yes, I enjoy custom orders, although sometimes they can be scary … there is always that nagging “what if” feeling, but so far my custom orders have all worked out in happy customers.

6. What do you want us to know about you that is unique and innovative?

I have never taken any formal training in jewellery making…. While I have a strong formal design background I have learnt the ‘technicalities’ of jewellery making from tutorials on YouTube and Pinterest and various other channels.

7. What are your social media sites?

You can follow me at:


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