DianaSianCrafts – #CIJJewelryTrunkShow

Contributor post by Catherine of DesignsByCnC

Virtual Jewelry Trunk Show – Diana from DianaSianCrafts



1. Please introduce yourself! What is the name of your shop? What city and country do you live in?

Hi, I am Diana and I run my little business Diana Sian Crafts – I live in the beautiful floral town of Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk, UK

2. Tell us the story of your work – what inspires you?

I started making jewellery when my teenage daughters wanted different things to match all their various outfits! Since then my 5 children have continued to be my inspiration, the older ones give me ideas for styles and colours while my 2 youngest keep me feeling seasonal and festive.

3. What is your creative process?

I love just playing with beads, charms and sparkly things – I tend to get loads of different things out all over my work desk and just play with ideas until I find something I really like (or one of the kids says ‘oooooh I want that’)

4. Where do your materials come from?

My beads and charms come from all over the place – I pick things up that catch my eye where ever I am, shops, markets etc.

5. Do you take custom orders?

I love receiving custom orders – each one gives me butterflies inside until it is finished and the customer is happy but the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction I get from making someone else’s ideas a reality just can’t be matched.

6. What do you want us to know about you that is unique and innovative?

Our house is full of people (family of 7) which leads to so much love, laughter, fun and complete madness – we are all very imaginative, which leads to a completely eclectic mix of creativity. My work space is permanently filled with a mix of things ranging from paper flowers to crystal spiders.

7. What are your social media sites?

You can follow me at:

Etsy – www.etsy.com/uk/shop/DianaSianCrafts
Facebook – www.facebook.com/DianaSianCrafts
Twitter – www.twitter.com/74_bilverstone
Instagram – www.instagram.com/diana.sian.crafts/

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