Christmas In July Etsy Up

Contributor post by Michelle of EviesToolEmporium

The Christmas In July team is always looking for creative, innovative ideas to be active on social media. When it was announced that Etsy was hosting the first ever Etsy Up Conference we shared the specifics with the #EtsyCIJ team so that members would have the chance to participate!

Etsy Up Conference

Etsy Up Conference

Etsy Up will be held Thursday August 11th and Friday August 12th in New York! Etsy has organized several ways for us to join from afar!

This will be an opportunity for members to connect with each other, find inspiration, and to learn from expert speakers. The #EtsyCIJ team will be hosting watch parties and live discussions on social media, so team members can connect with each other since we are participating around the world.

Here is how members of the #EtsyCIJ team can join in!

*Tune into the live stream to watch the biggest talks of the conference, and check out two special Facebook Live Q&As specifically for our virtual audience. Find the schedule here:

*@EtsySuccess set up a Facebook event, so sellers can join in a group conversation. Join in their event:

*#EtsyCIJ team members can join live discussions with sellers from around the world using the hashtag #EtsyUp. Use our #EtsyCIJ hashtag too, so members can keep track of each other’s posts.

*Start the conversation now! Sellers are sharing their business milestones and achievements on social media using #EtsyUp, along with the hashtag #EtsyCIJ! Share your stories to build momentum for next week! The team will be watching for these hashtags and be sharing them!

Be sure to join us here on the #EtsyCIJ blog on Thursday August 11th and Friday August 12th!

Here’s to a great #EtsyCIJ #EtsyUp Conference!CIJFacebookAvi

4 thoughts on “Christmas In July Etsy Up

  1. Thank you for letting us know about stuff like this! It is difficult to keep track of all the things that are going on that would help me as a seller. I’ll definitely be following the live stream!


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