Workspace Meditation Ideas

Contributor post by Alicia from AliciasFindings

Here at Christmas in July we want to know all about your meditation ideas for your workspace. Please explain a little about what this means to you.

Nautico Creations from NauticoCreations says if you work in an office like I do full-time, the atmosphere lacks any natural elements. In order to meditate, I find it’s nice to connect back with nature and have some natural elements in my workspace. If you work in an area that lacks natural light, sometimes even faux plants and flowers cheer up the place. The arrangement I’m listing below not only mimics nature with succulents and flowers, it adds color and texture to a space. Creativity sometimes takes place when you allow your mind to wander a bit to a different place. This arrangement leads you down that path.


Faux succulent arrangement


Stock Lane Studio from StockLaneStudio said in my workspace, I surround myself with my art and inspiring thoughts. I have lots of photographs, paintings and prints on the walls. I also situate my desk close to a window for natural light and for nature breaks. Much of my art is inspired by what is outside my window. I love watching the passage on the seasons and incorporate it into my work. Just a simple sunset can inspire a new project like the one below.


Abstract sunset art

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