Hit The Books – A Back to School Preview

Contributor post by Catherine of DesignsByCnC

It seems just like yesterday that we were eagerly anticipating the last day of school and the beginning of summer vacation.  A time when our daily schedules would slow down and we could enjoy long leisurely family meals out on the patio.  Time spent together on bike rides and walks through the hiking trails.

After the festivities of our 4th of July celebration, I always get a bit melancholy realizing the summer is half way over and it’s time to start thinking about getting ready for the school year to start again.  Just this morning I began our ritual of printing out the upcoming school calendar and making plans to go shopping for clothes and school supplies.

But going back to school doesn’t have to be a difficult task for you or your children. I asked the members of the Etsy Christmas In July team to share their tips for getting the kids ready to go back to school that will make the transition a better experience for everyone.

Heather Barber from MooseintheMint had this tip to share:

Chunky key rings/key chains make it easier to keep track of locker keys and are much harder to lose – one of my teens lost 3 locker keys in 2 weeks when we was 14! He then didn’t get his deposit back at the end of the year.

They also work for garage keys, oil tanks and sheds!

Dotty Wooden Keyring

Sherri from ButterflyFeetDigital shared her idea for staying organized:

How easy it is to lose track of everything – when is that homework due, when is soccer practice, when is back to school night for the parents, when is Christmas vacation etc. Calendars and planners are great for school kids! 2016 calendars and planners are on sale in my shop, so it’s easy to afford this year’s and one for 2017.

Half Size 2017 Planner Calendar

Draco N. Knut from DragoninKnots  has this suggestion for college students:

Buying textbooks from the university bookstore is a freshman mistake. Start your textbook shopping early, so you can buy online and save money. Compare prices using bookfinder.com to find the best website to order books.

And here’s a book weight to hold those textbooks open while you are doing your homework:

Pale Green Book Weight

willowvalleyvintage from WillowValleyVintage suggested this idea for getting college students active in campus life:

If you have a student leaving for college, send them tickets to a concert, play or other event on campus. This gets them out of the dorm and encourages them to meet other students with similar interests.

Vintage Cliff Notes – The Great Gatsby

Annie from DesignedbyAnneliese remarked:

Planners seem to be all the rage at the moment, helping keep track of everyone’s busy lives! These planner clips are great for marking your place in your planner and have a lovely rustic feel about them.


Rustic Planner Clips

Richard and Tatiana from DesignstheLimit suggested:

Learning to write and developing good handwriting is so essential to the development of young minds. To establish a good foundation, we recommend a quality pen. Success starts with always having a pen at hand and the best way to keep it is personalization!

Our deluxe rosewood ballpoint pens are lightweight, narrow in diameter, and include a rubber grip to provide the perfect instrument for learning penmanship and practicing it at any age. Personalization is included and you can choose any design or font in our portfolio.


Personalized Deluxe Rosewood Ballpoint Pen


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