#CIJPopUpMarket #3 – SouthernCharmWreaths

Contributor post by Catherine of DesignsByCnC

#CIJPopUpMarket #3 Shop – Julie Siomacco from SouthernCharmWreaths



1. What is name of your shop and what is unique about your shop?

The name of my shop is SouthernCharmWreaths where we sell beautiful wreaths and teach you how to make and sell them. The unique thing about my shop is that I teach others how to make and sell the same items that I do, yes be my competition. I mentor others on how to grow their Etsy shops as well as market their wreath creations on different social media platforms using ebooks and ecourses. You see, watching others succeed is my true passion.

2. What is your favorite July activity where you live?

My favorite July activity here in South Carolina, is finding ways to stay cool! I especially like visiting the beautiful and historic South Carolina beaches and touring old plantation homes.

3. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?

If I could travel anywhere, I would take my family anywhere where we can unplug from technology. When we take cruises, we really enjoy catching up and having fun again because it forces my adult children to unplug and just enjoy each other’s company.

4. Who do you most admire in life?

I most admire my father who has now passed away. He owned his own business in Charlotte, NC for many years and he taught me the power of customer service as well as how teaching your craft is not only a good financial step but a very rewarding one as well.

5. What is a skill you’d like to learn and why?

I would like to learn to paint so that I can make more handmade signs for my wreaths. I think that would help to make them more unique.

6. What are your social media sites?

Blog – southerncharmwreaths.com/blog
Facebook – www.facebook.com/southerncharmwreaths
Pinterest – www.pinterest.com/southernwreaths
Instagram – www.instagram.com/southerncharmwreaths
Twitter – www.twitter.com/southernwreaths


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