Tutorial: Sitting On The Edge Santa Claus – #CIJParty 2016

Contributor post by Michelle of EviesToolEmporium

“Tutorial: How To Make Sitting On The Edge Santa Claus” by Barbara of MermaidsHatbox


What is your Christmas Inspiration?

Santa Claus is my inspiration!


Sitting on the Edge Santa Claus

This is a sitting on the edge Santa Claus. It is very simple to sew. The size of my pattern is variable, so you can sew it smaller or bigger.

You can make him with felt or paper and instead of sewing , you can glue the pieces with your kids.
On one side of the coat you can sew a little pocket, for a money present . You can give him legs. Or what you want.

It’s a nice Christmas decoration.

Materials Used

Red Cotton 30 x 40 cm
White Cotton (little piece)
Rough white Cotton for the beard
2 Buttons for the Eyes or something other
Maybe a little pompon or bell for the hat
Filling material

Tutorial Directions

The Pattern:

You need two Triangles, both have the same size.

Please work two Triangles by the instructions you see on the pictures. Transfer it on a cardboard.

One of them is for the 3 triangles for the solid sides of the Santa.

Before you cut it out, draw a seam allowance of 0,5cm to the triangle.

The second triangle:

Cut out the different pieces. The coat and the beard have the same sizes. This pieces need  +seam allowance!



The Work:

Cut out:

– Red Fabric: The big triangle 3 pieces for the sides and the bottom

Think of the seam allowance!!!

– Red Fabric: The pattern for the hat, and 2 x for the coat

– Rough fabric: the beard

– White fabric: the eyepieceA5


Sew the coat and the beard together

Sew the hat and the eyepiece together

Sew the top and the lower part together

Now the front side is ready!

Sew the red triangles on the sides of the front and close it on the back to a pyramid.

The last solid triangle is for the bottom. You can fix it with pins and sew.

Let a part of 3 cm open!

Pull it on the right side and fill it with your filling material

Close the open seam- sew by hand

Now you can glue eyes or stitch it, or sew little buttons.

On the hat you can fix a pompom or bell.






Pocket: –  Cut out a 4 x 6 cm piece of fabric
– Iron the seam allowance on on small side ca 0,5cm
– Iron the seam allowance on the  both length sides ca 0,5cm
– Sew the both length sides on the front of the Santa

Legs:   – you can take cord or other materials like felt or a rope ca 2x  15 cm
-Beads for the feet
– sew the feet on the base side of the front, sew the base triangle like the description  aboveA11


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