Musical Introduction – #CIJParty 2016

Contributor post by Michelle of EviesToolEmporium

Good morning everyone! A new addition to our third annual Etsy Christmas In July Party this year is a musical introduction! What is a party without music?

I would like to introduce you to The Choraleers Acappella Singing Group! They discovered our Christmas In July Party while searching the internet – it indeed is a small world! I invited Damon, the representative of group and the singers to join us!

The sextet was established over 35 years ago at Texas Southern University and performs Doo Wop, Gospel, Holiday and Motown hits. We have performed at private parties, weddings and at country clubs.

They are based out of Houston, Texas USA! Please contact Damon if you are in the area and are looking for performers!thechoraleersphotoI also invited members of the Etsy Christmas In July members to share their musical items.

Arlene from ThisandThatCrafter says:

This little tree ornament was created for the Music Lover. There are times in my life when music has helped my thru. I feel everyone has been touched by Music in one way or another. Last year this was the most popular tree ornament and sold the most of all my trees.



Heather Barber from MooseintheMint says:

Each of the music pendants are unique as they are made from old music books, and then varnished.

I often sell out at fairs before I can get them onto Etsy!



Diana Voisin from GalleryTwelve says:

Music has always been a part of my life so naturally I had to include a music pattern set in my digital scrapbook section. The patterns are inspired by sheet music I used to read as a child when I would clumsily try to play piano or later when I played in the school band.

While I was never gifted when it came to playing instruments, I have always had an understanding of a musical composition and appreciation for the complexity and emotion music can bring to this world.

I love this set because I get to see other people make beautiful products or other items with my pattern. It’s not fancy or complex, but the simplicity of the black-and-white pattern in this musical note set always reminds me of that old sheet music.



Catherine Caramanica from BlkBttrflyDsgns says:

I’m a Singer and these music sheets and books belong to me. During the 80’s I sang in Nightclubs in NYC, auditioned for Broadway, A Musical Company, Famous Musical Directors, Commercials etc. This is a small part of my collection. I’m sure there’s someone out that I can help acquire music they may not find out there today. It’s bittersweet really. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.



Dawn Whitehand from DeeDeeDeesigns says:

As well as creating ceramic wares and jewellery for my Etsy shop I also love to upcycle materials for my jewellery – I do this as a way of contributing to the future of our planet.

One of the materials I use for jewellery is guitar strings. My partner plays guitar and I always have lots of strings potentially going into the rubbish, so I decided to begin making jewellery pieces to use them, such as this bangle which also incorporates vintage buttons!



Carola Bartz from CarolaBartz says:

Music has always played a big role in my life. Of course I like to listen to music – I love classical music, but also pop music. My all time favorite band is Fleetwood Mac. I loved them when I was 24 years old and I still do more than 30 years later! I’m also fond of some film music – the Lord of the Rings trilogy is a good example. Excellent music that is very inspiring.

Nowadays I also listen to New Age music a lot, mostly Native American music (my husband calls it “Carola’s canyon music”). It is calming and peaceful with a good rhythm. When I paint or create greeting cards I usually listen to this kind of music; I also like to have it on while knitting.

I love to include sheet music in my art work. Thrift stores are a good resource to find some decent sheet music that I then tear or cut up and use as a background, for example in my paintings. In this painting of the owl and the girl you can see several pieces of sheet music in the background, covered by the dark blue paint. However, the paint is transparent enough that the sheet music is still visible, and that is exactly the effect I want to achieve.



Michelle Emma Kay from EmmaKayInks says:

I’m very influenced by music and musicians. One musician in particular that rocks my world is Joan as Policewoman. She describes her music as “beauty is the new punk rock” and this is the aesthetic that I aim for in my drawings.

When I first listened to Joan’s music I didn’t like it. Still, something about it intrigued me and then suddenly I couldn’t stop listening. This experience changed the way I approach art because I realised that the things that are hardest at first can end up being the best things! The deepest things. The things that never get old.

This belief underlies my resolution of the aesthetic of my drawings. As I listened to Joan’s music over and over again I noticed new aspects on each listen. The meaning of the lyrics are not fixed, so they meant different things to me at different times

My drawings are intended to reveal themselves further over time too. They are complex and intense and can be hard to take in on the first look.



Stock Lane Studio from StockLaneStudio says:

Love a musical theme! Since Etsy is so visually oriented, it is not often you get sound-related themes. But Christmas and Winter are full of music, isn’t it?

This minty Diva QUIET sign always make me crack up.
the white and mint adds a wintery feel and it’s perfect for a little girl’s or teen’s bedroom door.

And this would add a fun and funny twist to a ‘quiet’ sign for any singer’s bedroom or performer’s door.

But what I really had in mind when I designed this QUIET sign was the memory of my little ones when they were babies. Feeling so relieved when I finally got them put to sleep, and not wanting to make a noise in case they should wake, like they were some sort of Diva. And then if they did wake suddenly, their cries and sometimes screams would really sound operatic – what prima donnas!




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