#CIJPopUpMarket #1 – ColourscapeStudios

Contributor post by Alicia from AliciasFindings

#CIJPopUpMarket #1 Shop – Kelly from  ColourscapeStudios



1. What is the name of your shop and what is unique about your shop?

My shop’s name is Colourscape Studios, it is full of colour, and that’s not something you see a lot of in print shops on here anymore!

2. What is your favorite July activity where you live?

July is the middle of Winter for me here in Brisbane, Australia. We are sub-tropical in climate so my family is able to get out and explore new places, which is a lot of fun with a young daughter who is experiencing things for the first time!

3. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?

I’d love to visit Czech Republic as it’s where my family’s heritage is from. Plus the photography I’ve seen from there is amazing and I’d love to go capture some of it myself!

4. Who do you most admire in life?

I admire those who support others in whatever they want to do. I think the strongest people are the ones who back each other up for no reason apart from seeing their friends, family and even acquaintances happy.

5. What is a skill you’d like to learn and why?

I’d love to learn how to crochet, it looks like it’s something I could get quite comfortable doing while sitting down watching tv.

6. What are your social media sites?

IG: www.instagram.com/colourscapestudios/
Pinterest: au.pinterest.com/KelColourscape/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ColourscapeStudios

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