Stitch and Pitch

Contributor post by Beverly from designbcb

I love baseball. I love me some Cubs. And I love me some knitting and crochet. I have joined the two by taking my knitting with me everywhere I go – including baseball games where I knit before the game starts.

In fact, we enjoy the game so much that Mr. Honey and I have, for the past few years, traveled to a Cubs away game to a park we’ve never been. So far we’ve done Colorado Rockies, Arizona Diamondbacks, Milwaukee Brewers, Minnesota Twins, Pittsburgh Pirates and the Washington Nationals and, of course, Wrigley Field.

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I have been to Cellular Field where the White Sox play but not because of our outing. I was there for a little thing called Stitch and Pitch. You can read (and see) all about it here and here.

Stitch N Pitch is an actual, official thing some baseball teams (pro and semi) go in on. They designate a day and an area of the park where everyone in the section is doing some needlework during the game. Of course you can grab a couple of folks and go a game and try to do some needlework (I’ve done it by myself) but it’s a little different when you don’t know who will be sitting next to you. At an official Stitch and Pitch, you know you will be surrounded by people doing the same thing you are, because it’s a group, there’s a discount on the ticket price and depending on who is organizing the event, you get free goodies. Like a notebook, row marker and some free patterns.

That’s worth it.


Truth be told, knitting in a crowded baseball field is like knitting on an airplane: the person next to you really has to like you or at least be cool. Though I did have fun and enjoyed the company, it wasn’t the most comfortable of times. I usually put away my work when the game starts because there’s beer and nuts and all sorts of things interfering with the flow. During the Stitch and Pitch, knitting goes on all the time but people still need to get up and go the bathroom or get the one beer the vendor doesn’t bring so an incredible amount of patience is needed. And I have yet to meet a patient knitter. They are rare. I don’t believe they exist. I’m not one.

Knitting at a baseball game is best done when the team isn’t doing well and the stadium doesn’t sell out. Then you might be able to get in a section where there’s some space for a knitting bag to have its own seat and not a lot of folks around. Then it’s like knitting when a baseball breaks out. That’s good stuff right there.


This year the Cubs are doing really well so I actually prefer to watch them at home where I can knit and enjoy the game in comfort. But I will be going to Colorado where my nephew plays high school baseball. He is on an exciting team but I’ve seen the playing field. There’s room for knitting. We call that a double play.


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