Welcome New Team Members for April

Contributor post by Dawn from DeeDeeDeesigns
Please join us in welcoming new members to our fantastic team! Visit their shop, fave some items, maybe even share some shops/items on your social media channels!!
And here are our new members!

Hi, my name is Denise. My blog is about “Journey into Awareness”. This journey encompasses awareness of the differences in people’s lives…awareness of Autism, Alzheimer’s Disease, Mental Health Awareness, Suicide Prevention, Cancer Awareness, etc…. I am excited to be able to share with, and educate people.


Shanna Campbell from LikeIguanaArt says:

Hello. I’m Shanna (like iguana, not banana). Looking forward to participating in this year’s CIJ event.

This item is special to me because I’ve always been a huge fan of Alice In Wonderland, and I was so thrilled when my work evolved into this piece of art, which, to me, so clearly illustrates the caterpillar, as he shook loose his cumbersome former self.


Hi everyone!

I am a member of CIJ in my 2 other shops and of course I wanted to become a member of my new shop also.
I love the CIJ team and feel it is the best on Etsy.

My 3 shops are all different and this last one Vintage trend Boutique is a shop I have been wanting to open for some time now.

I love the 60-70’s and so this shop is more a hippie boho shop and in it are all the items I remember during those free spirit years .


riyogems from RiyoGems says:

Hi Everyone.

I am a new member here. Excited to be a part of it.

I love gemstone and jewelry.

Our aim is Fashion for Everyone.




Cathy Wanat from VintageOrlando says:

Hello, my name is Cathy and I am new here. I love Christmas and especially being able to claim and sell Christmas items in July. I even had a garage sale one July with only Christmas stuff (well mostly) and other holidays included.

This item from my shop is especially interesting as its color could be deemed as worthy of being in my Christmas In July sale. Thanks for letting me be part of this team, I will do my best to participate in the fun.


Solveiga from Solviashop says:

Hello, my name is Solveiga.

I love creating pretty things in beautiful colors. I love to see the item that I am working on begin to take shape and turn into a finished product that someone will enjoy.

The wool improves the bloodstream, reduce pain, soothe inflammation and improve the mood. The wool keeps the feet warm, but prevents sweating. Its effects are similar to those of the combination of acupuncture and light massage.

Wool are natural antiseptics. Microorganisms and mites can not survive in wool as it is air permeable, and can absorb moisture up to the 40 % of its own weight, but is dirt-proof.


Rebecca Dalrymple from TheBlkSheepPrimitives says:

New member here. I specialize in hand painted shaker box sets (stacking boxes). My original AMERICAN HERITAGE COLLECTION features historical people, events and businesses of our nation’s past. All come signed and numbered. Custom work is accepted.


What a FAB collection of items and new members!! Be sure to pay them a visit!


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