Organize your Files Week

Contributor post by Alicia from AliciasFindings

Organizing your files is a big part of what any business,school or organization must do.
There are always forms and the like to fill out and keep,especially for your taxes.
Here at Christmas in July Team we want to know how do you organize your files? What keeps you on track?



Jessica and Bryan King from FeathandKee says currently, I have a spreadsheet that I set up on Google Drive that I can access from computer or phone for inventory. As for keeping up with receipts, I have an file portfolio thing to hold them and other paperwork until they can get scanned and saved.

The spreadsheet is a lifesaver though! I don’t have to write product measurements down, then hope they are not lost before I get a chance to sit down at the computer.




Alicia from AliciasFindings states that I have a file with all my receipts and  end up manually putting  them into a spreadsheet of my own making. I am thinking of switching to a pre-made spreadsheet designed for etsy sellers,for the ease of use and my own time.


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