In The Company Of Women – Celebrating Womens History Month

Contributor post by Beverly from designbcb 

I love the company of women. When my girlfriends and I get together or when I am meeting with members of women to do social justice work, there is something profound and moving in being with those of my gender.  I imagine it is the same, in its fashion, for men when they get together with one another without women folk present. There is a different kind of sharing that goes on when it’s just us girls and we know no boys will bounce into the room.

My Mom was the first person that made me a couple. And as Women’s History Month comes to a close, I remember times with my mom and my sisters without my father and brothers and how those moments have kept my sisters and me close even after my mother passed.

My mother tried her very best to be crafty but without a lot of success. She was a wonderful cook and she kept a mean house but she was not the best gardener or seamstress. Still, she gave me an appreciation for crafting. I, alas, am not from the seamstresses myself but I am a good cook, terrible housekeeper but a whiz at knitting and crochet. Mom never got the hang of those either but she did encourage me and that was a stone on the pathway to me and my Etsy shop.

From Woolly Momo:

I would like to celebrate my Mum who taught me how to knit as a child and set me on my path to where I am now and people actually want to buy what I have made.


Stripped wool ribbed beanie

From that very first pink scarf I knit, with the wobbly edges, variable stitch tension, knits where there should have been purls and vice-versa and holes in it from accidentally dropped stitches or yarn overs to this item, which is the latest item I have made, she’s always been there with nothing but encouragement to keep going and endless praise for everything that has ever come off my knitting needles.

I come from a long line of knitters, my Grandma taught my Mum, my Great-Grandmother taught my Grandma and back and back it goes – a long line of women linked by love, blood and a very long strand of wool!

So, thank you my Mama Bear, for teaching me a skill I love and adding me to this very long family line of crafting women.

My sisters and I often conference call with each other and within the last year or so, our brothers have noted we have left them out of our conversations. So now all usw conference call but my sisters and I still manage time together on our own because there are things to discuss about the inner keepings of the hearts of women. I would be able to discuss them with Mom if she were still here. She would be in our conference calls. Over the years, we grew from being her children to being friends though she never let us forget she was first and always a mother.  And she never gave up her pursuit of crafting.

From EthicalInfant:


Organic baby jumper

I’d love to celebrate my mom. She is the queen of diy. She instilled in all of us (my brothers and I), a love and appreciation for all things hand-made, and ethically made. She always says that the best way to show someone who you love them is with your time. Thus, a handmade gift is so very valuable, not only did someone love you by thinking of you, they loved you by putting their time and talent into your gift. I just love my mom.
Strong, sweet, and silly. As a woman she has always inspired me to be adventurous – she has given me the encouragement that I needed to be confident in creating a business that I can be proud of. The quote and artwork on the shirt below are dedicated to her.

Though my mom encouraged my craftiness, it was my sister who brought me my first yarn and needles and really lit that fire. Years later, after dabbling in the craft, I decided to plunge full on and it was one woman, Marilyn, who told me I could no longer just do scarves, I had to branch out and do other things. It was another woman, Vicki, who showed me the errors of my ways when I attempted granny squares and ended up with granny cups because I didn’t know how to execute a proper increase. I learned granny squares from her and went on the sell a number of afghans.

There is something magical, wonderful and fulfilling about the company of women. When we have that group of people we can go to and be more ourselves than we can out in the world, it makes us better people no matter where we are.

From Stock Lane Studio:

White rose photography

We all love our moms, and I am no exception. I have to celebrate her and all that she has done. She was a successful business owner, nurse, loving grandmother, and mother of 7 children.
 As a single mother of 7 she was super organized, semi strict and always fun. She kept on making the world a better place up until the last years of her life. Even in her 70’s, she traveled alone to Louisiana to help victims of Hurricane Katrina. She was also an avid gardener with a prize-winning rose garden, and this white rose photograph is from her garden.

I celebrate the women in my life who have helped me be a better writer and crafter but also a better woman and a better human being. The blessing of their legacy is only exceeded by the opportunity to be a legacy to the next generation of daughters and nieces and female friends coming behind us.

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