Welcome New Team Members for January and February

Contributor post by Dawn from DeeDeeDeesigns

Please join us in welcoming the new Etsy Christmas in July team members for January. Here is a little about them and their shops.

I’m a stay at home mum based in Leeds, Yorkshire, UK & I make hand knitted wire jewellery, woolly accessories & knitting accessories. I made one of the bags below for my mum for mother’s day, she’s knitted for longer than I’ve been alive! Watching her, all giddy with excitement, pack all her bits and bobs into it convinced me I was on the right track with my products. I’d love to think that everyone who buys one will be that giddy and happy!
Hello all,
My shop, Throw It Forward, is an eclectic mix of vintage. My philosophy and reason for the name:
The idea behind the name of THROW IT FORWARD is…instead of throwing items into landfills we should instead throw them forward into the next generation, into something artistic, into a new function or to someone in need.
The item I have chosen to feature are some vintage keys that were painted gold by the previous owner. They may not be in their original state for a key collector but they’d be awesome as art supply.
Hi I’m Madi
I just joined . Glad to be a part of the team.
This is my newest addition to my shop. I think it is my favorite Piece I have ever made so far, I just stared dabbling in unique crystals, This is a Cactus quartz or “Spirit” quartz that I dipped in gold on the top and hand wire wrapped it. I adorned it with some citrine crystal pieces, turquoise and a larger rose quartz bead. This is a one of a kind item so it’s the only one available.
Welcome to the team everyone, we hope you enjoy participating in team activities.



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