Celebrating March Birthdays

Contributor post by Alexandra Richards from EyeLoveKnots


March is my birthday month! (And Team Leader Alicia too!)

We asked our fellow Christmas in July team members to share their March related items including features of the Aquamarine colorway – March’s birthstone

Suzy of ClassyGlassandJewels shared this Aquamarine and Sterling Silver Snowflake Necklace.

She says, “This necklace was inspired by a friend who has a birthday in March, hence the aquamarine. The sterling silver snowflake became part of the project while she was in Jackson Hole for Christmas. The snowflake charm was one of two that I purchased for earrings, but one was damaged. Rather than get upset, I found the perfect use for the good charm, and here it is.”


Aquamarine and sterling silver snowflake necklace

Kelly of TwinkleStarbyKelly shared this Worm Moon Bracelet.

She says, “I create jewellery based on stories (legendary women) or discoveries of the universe (Astral Art Creations). I love the moon so my new collection for 2016 is my Lunar Range, named and inspired after all 12 full moons. Here is the full moon for March – not a nice name I know, but lovely warm colours made with honey quartz, crystals and pearl beads with a glass center piece and dangle moon charm.”


Worm Moon bracelet

Owner of StockLaneStudio shared this Best Day Ever Printable.

She says, “This Printable typography art (with a little touch of aquamarine!) is designed to encourage all of us to do more of what makes us happier – it could be more cartwheels or tree climbing, more bubble baths (with Etsy Soap bombs, of course!), or it could be bungee jumping!”


Best Day Ever Typography printable

On behalf the whole Etsy Christmas in July Team, I want to wish everyone with March birthday’s the ‘Best Day Ever’! And an even greater year!


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