National Love Your Pet Day

Contributor post by Catherine from DesignsbyCnC

February 20th has been designated as Love Your Pet Day.  This “unofficial” national holiday is a day set aside to honor our pets that show us love and devotion each and every day.  This is a great day to focus on your relationship with your pet by spending extra time with them or pampering them with a new toy or special treat.

Our Christmas In July Team shared some of their favorite pet stories along with some wonderful pet items from their shops:

Kelly from ColourscapeStudios says:

We have a little fluffball, Shelly, who we got from the RSPCA when she was only 4 months old. We’ve had her 12 years now, and she loves nothing more than to nap her day away. Occasionally we’re treated to a smooch from her.


You Are The Cats Meow Typography Print


Anastasia and Catherine from CutesyPieBoutique shared this:

The best part of working from home is all of the time you get to spend with your pets. Our dog is truly a member of the family and insists on accompanying us whenever the door is open.

Personalized pink heart shaped dog tag


currynpepper from CurrynPepper said:

We adopted our two little pups about three years ago, and it’s the best decision we’ve made in our lives. They bring so much joy, happiness and health too in our lives! One loves to indulge in good food and the other loves to go running. They are quite a duo. Who rescued who?


VATA Paw-Paddums Blueberry Dog Treats



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