Member Feature: Vintage Jools and More

Contributor post by Michelle of EviesToolEmporium

Please join us in welcoming Yvonne of Vintage Jools and More, our featured member!

Yvonne of VintageJoolsAndMore

Yvonne of VintageJoolsAndMore

Tell us about yourself.

Years ago, I vacationed in Mexico and discovered a whole new (FOR ME) world of jewelry …handmade…silver…gemstones which I immediately fell in love with. Owing to the fact that I am the grand-daughter of a native american Lady, I also love Native American items.  Once on a vacation, my father bought me a beautiful Native American princess doll and informed me then of my heritage.  I also was a seller of Sara Coventry jewelry, back in the day.

When did you open your business and what make you decide to do so?

I am a baby boomer who started selling on eBay 9 years ago.  I have grown to love Etsy and I am now in the process of transferring all of my inventory over to Etsy. There are still a few things on eBay and I hope to get it all transferred to Etsy by February, 2016.

Tell us a bit about your products.

I specialize in Native American, Mexican and some vintage costume jewelry.VintageJoolsAndMore1

What inspires your work? 

The one of a kind, hand-made items which are so quickly vanishing.  This is becoming a lost art.

What are your future goals for the business this year? What is your dream for this business? 

I wish to find homes for the items in my store, including my private collection. (I have no heirs to leave it to.)VintageJoolsAndMore2

What makes your business stand out from businesses that sell similar products?

I personally research and provide information on each item when possible, citing resources of their provenance.

Tell us a bit about your work space. Do you have a separate studio?

Yes…I have a separate room which houses everything needed to store, care for and ship my items, including resource and informational books.VintageJoolsAndMore3

What have you learned since opening your business that you wish you had known before hand?

I wish I had studied the listing app more thoroughly.

Any advice for those thinking about selling on Etsy?

Study listing app in detail before you begin listing.VintageJoolsAndMore4

When you’re not working, what do you like to do to unwind and have fun? Do you have any hobbies?

I like to travel to my little private woods and picnic.  I also enjoy photographing birds, plants and old buildings, especially houses and churches.

What is your favorite quote?

I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion.VintageJoolsAndMore5

Where can people find out more about your business?

Vintage Jools and

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Yes…I am so happy that I live in the USA and the great state of Texas.VintageJoolsAndMore6


If you would like to be featured, please go to the CIJ Etsy Forum and fill out the questionnaire. Please note you must be a member of the CIJ Etsy team to be featured.


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