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Contributor post by Alicia from AliciasFindings

Let’s visit AllsortsofSoaps home

1. What got you started decorating in the manner that you do?

As Christmas is very, very hot, I don’t decorate very much outside (I don’t want anything to melt!). A lot of people now decorate the outside of their homes with lights and because the nights are so warm, families walk around the streets looking at the lights. It is really very pleasant and friendly. Coming up to Christmas, the town where I live, holds Carols by Candlelight in the park, and lots and lots of people gather to sing carols, have a picnic, and other family activities. The children love it when Santa arrives just after the Christmas story. It is a lovely community event.

I will begin making my Christmas fruit cake soon and that is about the only real cooking I do for Christmas…Cooking in the heat makes the house too hot!



2. Where in or outside your house do you decorate?

I always put out our ceramic Nativity scene, and handmade decorations that my children have made over the years are usually hung off the door knobs going into each room. I love our warm Christmas…salads, a barbecue, and swimming. Sometimes though it is just too hot to go outside, especially if there are bush fires.

On my front veranda, I usually place my potted apple tree and decorate it so that the front of the house looks inviting. I also place a very simple wreath on the front door, but mine is looking a little shabby this year, so I think that I will have to update. Also this year, I will have to put my potted wild orange tree on the front veranda, as I have planted the apple tree.


3. When do you start decorating?

I don’t have any pictures as yet. We don’t usually put the tree up until the 1st of December. Most people in Australia wait until the 1st to put up their Christmas tree. We put up the tree while listening to Christmas Carols on the radio or a CD and each year my sons fight as to whose turn it is to put the star on the top of the tree.



4. How does where you live influence your decorating?

Anyway, I keep my decorations simple and definitely energy friendly, as we don’t have the outside of our home lit up like a Christmas tree! I reserve the lights for our tree and back veranda where the barbecue setting is, as it is warm from about September until the end of May, we often eat outside and so I keep the lights up. So decking the halls is quite simple in my home!


5. What are your social media sites?







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