Etsy CIJ Australian Sellers #Makeforgood

Guest Post By Janine from AllsortsofSoaps



This is an exciting year for Australian CIJ Etsy Sellers! We, along with other Australian artisans, have pooled our creative resources and produced some amazing products that can be purchased up until the 24th of December.

Christmas is just around the corner and while we are busy buying food, gifts and decorating our homes, Millions of girls around the world are facing eight (8) enormous obstacles: child marriage, gender based violence, no access to education, poor health and nutrition, domestic work, poverty, poor sexual health and gender based discrimination.

Until Christmas Eve, Etsy Australia has partnered with Plan International to raise awareness of the plight of girls, and to raise much-needed funds through the #makeforgood campaign. The Makeforgood campaign is a wonderful initiative whereby Australian sellers create products especially to raise money for the ‘Because I am a Girl’ campaign. Each seller, donates a minimum of 20% of the sale price to the ‘Because I am a Girl’ initiative. The theme for our #makeforgood campaign is ‘Silver Linings’ and you will love the work that has been produced!

This is where CIJ members can help! Your Christmas gift shopping can make such a huge difference with a gift that keeps on giving this year. Even if you do not shop for Christmas…Shop for a girl or a woman somewhere else in the world before the 24th December, and know that your purchase will ‘do good’!



One such Australian CIJ member is Dawn Whitehand from Ballarat Victoria. Dawn is the owner of Dee Dee Deesigns. She is a ceramic artist who makes abstract sculptures and mixed media works. She has developed a range of unique handmade tableware and jewellery for her Etsy shop. Dawn has created some beautiful jewellery that is just perfect for this ‘girly’ campaign.

paper bead memory wire necklace

Another Australian member of CIJ is Debbie O’Shea from Albury, NSW. Debbie owns Aberrant Ginger which is a shop specializing in chain mail jewellery. She has created a lovely ‘Silver Linings’ bracelet.


Cloud bracelet

Azalea Cottage Craft from the Gold Coast in Queensland has made a selection of garlands to help raise funds for Plan’s Because I Am a Girl’


Monochrome garland

Another talented Australian is Robyn Campbell of Robyn Faye Designs. Robyn has always liked to sew, whether it be clothes, patchwork or bags. She started making the bags as gifts and really enjoyed designing them. Here are some of her bags designed especially for ‘Because I am a Girl’.


Jute clutch


Patterned jute clutch

Cat, from Hobart, Tasmania. Cat’s shop is aptly named, ‘Must Have Been The Cat‘, where she creates and sells quirky handmade cat creations and all things cat!. She has made some fabulous cat heat/cold packs which I think are fabulous!


Neck heat pad

As you can see there is some wonderful and creative and practical gifts that are available for purchase over here in Australia! It is also a great incentive to know that your purchase is helping so many others!

Heather, from Arabella Blossoms lives in Melbourne and she loves to create and design fabric items for you or for gifts. Most are one-offs and include glasses and sunglasses cases, aprons, zip bags, totes and accessories. Heather has made some delightful fabric items for #makeforgood.


Christmas stocking

Australian Etsy sellers have been so enthusiastic in getting behind this and our Etsy community is so happy to be a part of this. You can check out so many beautiful products by entering #makeforgood in your search when browsing Etsy. You will be products by entering #makeforgood in your search when browsing Etsy. You will be sale.



Star candle

If you want to create a ‘Silver Lining’ for a young girl in Cambodia this year…then check out the #makeforgood collection in Etsyau. You will be so glad that you did!


Because I am a Girl poem

We look forward to creating the best gift ever this year…the gift of hope! We are glad that you can be a part of it!


One thought on “Etsy CIJ Australian Sellers #Makeforgood

  1. Thank you for including my clutches in this wonderful arrangement Janine. I feel very privileged to live in Australia and hope through Plan International our donations will help the girls gain some independence and the respect that all girls deserve.


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