#CIJDeckTheHalls – Artpixie Art

Contributor post by Michelle from EviesToolEmporium

Let’s visit artpixies home 

1. What got you started decorating in the manner that you do?

When I was a freshman in college I went to a fancy dinner at the home of one of the adult sorority sponsors. It was a Christmas wonderland (she had 3 trees!) yet, tasteful and she had made so many of the items. It still inspires me today. I just wish I’d had a camera phone then.


2. Where in or outside your house do you decorate?

I decorate just about everywhere, except my husband’s office. He wants one Christmas free room.

3. When do you start decorating?

I change decorations for each holiday, and I love my thanksgiving stuff just as much so, I don’t change it until after thanksgiving dinner. Then we put up the tree and break out the Christmas CDs for singing together.


4. How does where you live influence your decorating?

I used to have a “bear-y cute” Christmas tree when I lived up north where bears were all the rage. But since moving into the southwest, I’ve moved to the red rock colors – sort of; deep red, chocolate and old gold.


5. What are your social media sites?

Etsy: artpixie

SketchFest: Ellen Million Graphics

Pinterest: AmyArtPixie

Instagram: artpixieart

Twitter: AmyArtPixie

Facebook: ArtpixieArt

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