Pinterest Gift Guides: Fitness And Wearable Tech And Personalized Touches

Contributor post by Michelle of EviesToolEmporium

The 2015 Etsy Holiday Merchandising Guide was released on October 6th, 2015.

The Christmas In July team turned the Holiday Merchandising Guide Into Pinterest Gift Guides.

Let’s enjoy the trends : Fitness And Wearable Tech and Personalized Touches.

Fitness And Wearable Tech

Debbie Gilbert from License2Craft says:

With more and more of us relying on computers, cell phones and gaming now, it is causing an all time high effect on wrist & hand problems. Problems including but certainly not limited to tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel, Texting Thumb and more.

Heat or Cold is a natural, common way to relieve the pain associated with these problems. I have two products designed with just this in mind. Each are filled with a combination of Flax Seed & Rice, and can be used either Hot or Cold, depending upon what is preferred or needed. They can even be worn while using your phone, computer or while gaming! Offering relief, comfort and support for the hand and wrist.



Personalized Touches

Sue and Misty from shabbyshopgirls says:

We love Christmas Stocking kits – especially these made by Bucilla. They are craft kits that, when completed, have loads of sequins and detail and can be personalized with any name while you are making it! A wonderful craft kit for the ultimate Christmas crafter.



Ina from InaSudjana says:

Most of my items are personalized in my shop.. and I love doing them for my customers as I think everyone is special and deserves non-mass-produced items. Something that is made just for them!



CartoCreative from CartoCreative says:

All of the pieces in our shop can be personalized, the default options to choose from are size and color, but customers can also add their names, heart a place, and much more.

Our Boston marathon print was created after a close friend of mine ran in the 2014 race. I was so proud of her and wanted to do something to commemorate all of her hard work. The print includes the date, name, and miles of the marathon, and underneath customers can include the runner’s finish time, name, and bib number.

I’ve always wanted to run a marathon, but for now, I just have to be in awe of people who do. I hope our prints can help runners’ memorialize their success.



Richard and Tatiana from DesignstheLimit says:

Our shop is the complete opposite of a gift card and Everything we sell is personalized! When shopping at Design’s the Limit, we give our customers three options for personalizing the products we sell.

First, you can choose from any of our designs and substitute any font from our selection. We try to provide a selection of design options to suit every taste and by changing the font, you give the design a unique feel. We submit proofs on request for customers if they have any concerns. We have a large variety of monogram designs to choose from, more fonts than we can count in our system, and the desire to make each item personal and unique.

We also offer Inspired Designs where customers can select a product and provide us with an inspiration for personalization. Whether it be custom text, a desired themes, or a specific image we work with our customers to create unique and inspired gifts for any occasion. These are the most memorable orders and typically the most thankful of our customers. Several of our Inspired Designs have ended up being listed in our shop for other customers to purchase and the others are in our portfolio in case the need arises again.

For businesses, we offer to use logos submitted and for individuals we accept images submitted as long as they are in the public domain. This aspect of our business is the most difficult as we have received more requests than we can count for copyrighted images. To provide customer service as personal as the gifts we sell, we have on several occasions gone as far as to contact companies and other organizations to receive permission for one-time use of a copyrighted image and have been able to successfully complete a few.

We have completed many orders for our Inspired Design frames for customers who have provided a travel destination, a housewarming location, a theme or interest, or have provided the photograph they wish to frame for us to create the design around. At Design’s the Limit, the only limitation is our customers desires and imagination. If you know what you want, let us help you bring your ideas to life.




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