Show us your Workspace – DeeDeeDeesigns

Contributor post by Alicia of AliciasFindings

Today we are visiting the workspace of Dawn from DeeDeeDeesigns. Dawn makes an exclusive range of handmade bespoke jewellery, buttons & ceramic tableware. She also designs a range of jewelry made from upcycled materials such as guitar strings and vintage buttons.

This is what Dawn had to say about her workspace:

I am lucky enough to have two dedicated workspaces – my ceramic studio, and my jewellery room.

The ceramic studio is where all the making of tableware and jewellery components happens. There is lots of bench and shelf space, wheels and a kiln. I also teach from this space, so it can get a bit hectic at times!

The jewellery room is a spare room in my house (spare after my kids moved out!) In this room I design and assemble my jewellery, photograph my products in a light booth and package up my orders. I use 100% recycled packaging for all my orders, so I horde a lot of boxes, bubble wrap and tissue paper. As a result this room also looks quite chaotic at times – but I always know where everything is!




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