International Internet Day – October 29th

Contributor post by Dawn from DeeDeeDeesigns

International Internet Day

The Internet, defined as a remote connection between two computers, was first achieved on October 29, 1969 and since 2005 October 29 has been celebrated as International Internet Day. It is a day to celebrate the people who helped build the internet, while also giving us a moment to reflect on all the ways that it has changed our lives forever – and, of course, we wouldn’t have our Etsy shops without it!

I asked the Etsy Christmas in July team members if they had an item in their shop related to the Internet? Here’s what they had to say…

For any computer geek that loves the internet too much!


We all spend a lot of time on computers. It is so important to have good ergonomic support and give as much relief and comfort to our wrists and hands. These Wrist Supports can be used every day or for a heat in the microwave or cool in the refrigerator for an added “treat” or extra relief.


Dawn Whitehand from DeeDeeDeesigns says

When I sit at my computer it is usually to work – downloading my listing photos, editing them, creating new listings, marketing my listing on social media and networking with other sellers. This is very time-consuming, and I drink several cups of tea during the course of the day to keep me going.
This coffee mug has a coaster which can also be used as a mug lid, which is great to keep your beverage warm if you get really involved in your work.


What a great collection of items to celebrate International Internet Day – be sure to stop by and visit the shops and share the love.


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