Leadership Spotlight – Ghirlandiamo

Contributor post by Alicia of AliciasFindings

Leaders are an essential part of any team or organization. Leaders help other members succeed and grow as well as help the Captain achieve their objectives. Here at Christmas in July we have some wonderful Leaders and we want to honor your accomplishments in what we are calling Leadership Spotlight.


Lia Russo  from Ghirlandiamo is our next honoree.

1. What made you decide to join the CIJ team and what do you love about the team?

I was asked to become a leader by our Captain. On a first moment I was really uncertain, because I was not on Etsy long, not one sale yet, not knowing how to move, but Michelle was so confident in me, so I gladly accepted.

The Christmas in July Team is a very friendly and useful one. It’s a pity that a lot of people think we are active only in July!

2. What made you decide to become a CIJ team leader and what do you enjoy most about being a team leader?

I liked the idea that, becoming a leader, I could give my contribution and participation from Italy. I mean it’s very important to look at things and issues from different points of view. So, it’s positive having leaders from all over the world.

What I love in being a leader is that I can give to other Etsians my help, transmitting what I learned from others in the past.

3. What is your style of leadership?

Oh, if I can say so, my style is more German than Italian. I’m a bit strict, very helpful with everyone but I can’t stand people not respecting rules.

4. Tell us about yourself and your shop.

Before working at full-time on my shop Ghirlandiamo, I was a consultant, but the worldwide crisis gave me so much free time….so I turned my hobby into my new job.

In “The Divine Comedy” , the greatest Italian poet, Dante Alighieri talks, at a certain point, about a girl, whose name is Lia, who is preparing a flower wreath for herself.

My name is Lia, I’m no more …a girl but I’m fond of wreaths !

What should you do? Wreaths and home decor!

5. What are your social media sites?

From this point of view I’m not very social….

Facebook : www.facebook.com/ghirlandiamo

Pinterest : www.pinterest.com/ghirlandiamo

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