Member Feature: A Paper Affaire

Contributor post by Michelle of EviesToolEmporium

Please join us in welcoming Holly of apaperaffaire, our featured member!



Tell us about yourself.       

Hello! I’m an English as a Second Language Instructor at 2 community colleges by day and a stamp addict by night.

When did you open your business and what make you decide to do so?

I opened my Etsy shop in January of 2011. I had been interested in making cards for a couple of years, but discovered a local stamp store that I fell in love with. They kept having huge sales on their stamps and I just kept buying. The only thing I wanted to do in my free time was make cards, but I started to make so many and needed a place to sell them. A friend suggested Etsy and the rest is history!

Tell us a bit about your products.           

My cards are all handmade with stamps, colorful inks, patterned papers, baker’s twine and ribbon……and a lot of love and attention to detail.apaperaffaire1

What inspires your work?           

My two Dalmatians, my cat, nature and what I find from my favorite stamp makers inspire my cards. My mind is always thinking of new designs.

What are your future goals for the business this year? What is your dream for this business? 

I would love to get my cards into local shops or start my own website. It’s hard to find time though because I’m so busy at my “day job.”apaperaffaire3

What makes your business stand out from businesses that sell similar products?

I would love to get my cards into local shops or start my own website. It’s hard to find time though because I’m so busy at my “day job.”

Tell us a bit about your work space. Do you have a separate studio?

My husband and I built a house in 2009. I have a room in our basement that is all mine. It’s my favorite room in the house.apaperaffaire2

What have you learned since opening your business that you wish you had known before hand?

Check my stash of shipping supplies more often. I’ve run out a few times and then am scrambling to find.

Any advice for those thinking about selling on Etsy?

Do all the research you can before you open a shop! I’m still surprised by the posts in the forums of new sellers that think sales will come rolling in just because they’ve opened a shop. It takes a lot of time and hard work and it’s best to do the research before opening.

When you’re not working, what do you like to do to unwind and have fun? Do you have any hobbies?

Since I’m a teacher at my “day job,” card making is my hobby. I also love to go out with my husband, read, travel, cook and walk my dogs.apaperaffaire4

What is your favorite quote?

Too many to count, but I love some of Lincoln, Winston Churchill and Ayn Rand’s quotes, especially these:

“From the smallest necessity to the highest religious abstraction, from the wheel to the skyscraper, everything we are and everything we have comes from one attribute of man – the function of his reasoning mind.”


“Money demands that you sell, not your weakness to men’s stupidity, but your talent to their reason.”

Where can people find out more about your business?

Visit my Etsy shop at

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Thanks so much for letting me share my story… I wish everyone the best of luck… enjoy loving what you do!apaperaffaire5


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