Show Us Your Workspace – Ina Sudjana

Contributor post by Dawn from DeeDeeDeesigns

Today we are visiting Ina from InaSudjana in her studio. Ina makes a wide range of artisan felted lovelies she personally designs for you and your little ones

We love Ina’s workspace and here is what she has to say about it:

my ‘workspace’ is more like a ‘hit-by-the-hurricane’ nook. I am sending you the photo via convo in a second. What you’re about to see is the truth. Nothing short of the reality. My reality!

I don’t have the luxury of having a proper study room just for stitching and storing my overflowing yardages of felt… So in the boxes they go & decorate my carpet around my sofa in my tiny living room.

You’re lucky to see the surface of the table – yes, it’s a coffee table.
And most of the time this table is a shared one too with my little one. She would leave all her drawings, half-done artworks as well as her crayons on here too.

Nope, nothing like the motivational workspace pinterest pictures.
I think I’ll decide to call mine ‘HOME’, where everything begins and finishes; with love.



Don’t you love this! Please visit Ina’s shop and share some team love!




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