International Chocolate Day

Contributor post by Alicia of AliciasFindings


While most of us don’t need a special day to indulge in the rich creamy glory that is chocolate, International Chocolate Day,September 13th, gives us just one more reason to consume this delectable confection in copious quantities.

Here at Christmas in July we wanted to know what items do you have that relate to this day and a little story about them.

Judith Messenger from FabriArts says:

Yum! I’ll have to remember that September 13th is International Chocolate Day! Chocolate is sometimes an essential ingredient to finishing my projects!


Savannah Griffith from RareRusticCrafts states:

My favorite sugar scrub is actually my Chocolate Lavender scrub. It smells rich and sweet all at once; like a fresh slice of cake. Some chocolate fragrances can smell a little fake, but this one is the truest to chocolate that I’ve found. Just a hint of lavender really brings out the sweetness. My sugar scrubs can be used as body scrubs, foot scrubs or as a shaving cream for your legs. They will leave your skin freshly exfoliated and silky smooth!


Nancy from FredsDiscoveries tells me:

Nothing taste better than something made from Hershey’s Chocolate. Here are some recipes from the 1930s.

Well, excuse my rudeness, I hope this listing doesn’t offend anyone! But this little boy is one of the most widely known statues in Belgium!
We captured this colorful photograph while wandering the streets of central Brussels. The store front window of Chocolatier Filip Martin’s delectable chocolate shop. Belgians take their chocolate very seriously, but here is a humorous glimpse of two of Belgiums most iconic cultural elements: chocolate and the Manneken Pis, of the little peeing boy. We had to giggle and marvel at the same time, as we passed by these life-sized chocolate rainbow sculptures.

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