Small Business Owner Tools

Contributor post by Alicia of AliciasFindings

Small Business Owners use many tools and applications to run their business. Some of these tools are online, while others are mobile. Here at Christmas in July we want to know what tools or applications do you use.

What do you use the tools for and what is so great about them?

Nancy Duncan from EponasCrystals says:

I use Picassa for photo editing and Zetsy for managing my listings. Picassa is free photo editing tool and has many types of editing tools.I’m rather new to Zetsy, having previously used Betsi. But it seems to have all the tools that Betsi did and maybe even some extras!


Alicia from AliciasFindings said:

I have come across many tools to help grow my business while I have been on Etsy. Some are only for Etsy, while others are for anyone who owns a small business. The two newest tools I have begun using are Canva and Marmalead. Canva helps you design posters, Facebook covers, presentations and so much more. It seems fairly easy to use and is something so wonderful to be able to do on your own. Marmalead is to help with Etsy SEO (search engine optimization) and market research. It helps you figure out where your items are and where they need to be to make your business shine! One of my favorite tools is Etsy on Sale! It is designed so that you can put your shop on sale-either by section or the whole shop. I also use Shop Tender, which helps you post your products on the main social media sites to help measure the effectiveness of each social media. That way you can see what medias work and what ones don’t for you.

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3 thoughts on “Small Business Owner Tools

  1. My primary photo editing tool is Picassa (free and very easy to use), but to do graphics for social media I use the free versions of Canva and sometimes PicMonkey & Pixlr. The primary limitation I’ve found with Canva, etc. is the inability to import fonts & the limited number they offer. I used Betsi in the past but had stopped when the listings manager in Etsy improved. I’ll have to check out Zesty and see if it can help do things quicker. I’m looking forward to checking Marmalead, too — thanks for the information!

    I tried Etsy on Sale at one time, but with so many of my items having a small price point, it wasn’t economically sound for me, especially since I never saw any traffic from it. Instead, I’ve set up a sale/clearance section in my shop, although I wish there was a way to do limited time sale promotions or specific types of things easily. I also use Etsy’s promoted listings tool. I monitor it constantly and tweak which items are promoted and bid amounts. My goal is to not spend more than 10% of the revenue produced (by promoted listings, not the shop overall).

    I’d also suggest every Etsy shop have at least a static web page (off Etsy); I like wordpress, which can give you enormous flexibility to develop a site as you go along. If you see your shop as a business you want to grow significantly, you should buy your own domain name (which allows your web address to read “yourbusiness”.com instead of something like “yourbusiness” and create at a minimum a simple page that will direct customers to your Etsy shop. Theoretically, it will help with your google ratings and it definitely gives people one more place to find you.

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  2. It is a shame that Zetsy is only for Windows as far as I know. I have been looking and hoping to find a similar app like Betsi to use with IOS without success…
    I use PixIr to edit my photos and I find super easy and fast 🙂

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