10 Years Of Etsy Trends – Steampunk

Contributor post by Alicia of AliciasFindings

This month Etsy celebrates 10 years as a global community of makers, inventors, and collectors. Today, we’re turning our attention to 5 memorable trends that have made their mark over the years.


Steampunk is a science fiction genre that quite a few Etsy sellers seem to have stumbled on by chance; what unites them is a passion for fantasy and a steadfast appreciation of the movement’s creative versatility.

We wanted to know if any of our CIJ members had any Steampunk items in their shop and the story behind the item.

Gari Anne from beadloverskorner says:

I have been a life long lover of Science Fiction and a big Star Trek Fan! One time I watched a movie about Star Trek fans and thought to myself, I should be selling Star Trek items instead of beads and jewelry, LOL! Anyway, I sat down and made several different types of earrings with a science fiction theme. These ray gun earrings would be considered “Steapmpunk” because they were created with spare beads and things I had in a “lost bead” tray on my table and fashioned them similar to the old style phasers or ray guns!

This is a photograph of a winged creature, just one of many whimsical creatures on a steampunk carousel in Brussels, Belgium. This carousel was a delightful discovery the first time I came to Brussels’ Christmas market, and I returned year after year just to watch the children ride such an enchanted machine.
Steampunk is so versatile and like finding a mixed bag of treasure, which is why I think it is among the 10 Years of Etsy Trends.

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