International Day of Friendship – July 30th

Contributor post by Dawn from DeeDeeDeesigns

International Day of Friendship is July 30th, and I asked the Etsy Christmas in July team if they had any items in their shops that would make a great gift for this special day…. these are the responses I received from team members:

Joshua Farrally from FarrallyManMade says friendship is something that can last a lifetime. Friends are people you lean on during the good and bad times. They have your back but can also call you out when you need to be called out on something.

I have several friendship bracelets in various styles in my shop. Friendship bracelets are a sign or symbol of friendship. Traditionally friendship bracelets are bracelets given to you by a friend. Traditionally, a friend would tie a bracelet onto your wrist while making a wish and it was to be worn until it fell off, which means the wish was to come true at that moment.

Patricia from TheOldBarnDoor says I love this quote about friendship:
“Good friends are like stars. You don’t always see them but you know they’re always there”
Christy EvansFriends come in all shapes and sizes. These two ladies go everywhere together; you never see one without the other.

Stock Lane Studio from StockLaneStudio says this is what friendship is all about: getting out there and having fun!

It’s a universal, international way to make and keep friends!

Ina from InaSudjana says friendship to me means standing by my side; whether I’m happy or sad, whatever my situation is. A true friend is someone I’m fully comfortable with, even when there isn’t anything to talk about. I don’t think we have to talk all the time; we just enjoy each other’s company even in silence!My heart shaped bookmark reflects this perfectly.
Kelly from ColourscapeStudios says friendship to me is knowing that you can live worlds apart and as soon as you’re back together you can pick up no matter how long it’s been. These are the people you get to choose to be part of your family.
Sandra crochet from Ankleknits says for me FRIENDSHIP especially International friendship means a lot! Friends are like two socks or a paire of glove: together and never appart or close in my heart but to far in a life.
My childhood friend who is the best friend ever, very kind and supportive lives in my birth country Latvia. Her name is Dace. Now when we cannot meet as often as used to, we chitchat or talk on phone and internet. But when we go to Latvia we always meet together and have fun. Even our children are friends now and they have fun together.

Carola Bartz from CarolaBartz says let me start with a different take about international friendship. I grew up in Germany (lived there for 40 years) and during my teen years pen friendships were encouraged in school. I signed up and got my first pen pal at 13 – she was from Cardiff in Wales, UK. She was the first of many penpals from all over the world I had over the years. Some of them I met in person, and with some of them I still keep in touch. Two of them I actually met last year again when I was in Europe. Today we’re mainly keeping in touch via Facebook which I think is a great platform for (international) friendship. I often write about friendship on my blog – and I also have people in the blogosphere that I consider friends even though I haven’t met them in person (yet).

The words of a song on this Girl Scout Brownie mini journal say it all:
“Make new friends,
but keep the old,
one is silver
and the other is gold.”

Dawn from DeeDeeDeesigns says friendship is about sharing good times with family and friends and what better way to do this than with food and wine!!

When celebrating with friends, or just getting together for the fun of it, I love to present food to share in individual eclectic handmade bowls and plates …. this adds a touch of intimacy and caring to the gathering and makes it special.

When I was younger I had a pen friend who lived on the other side of the world. We would often write to each other about what we had been up to. One day she travelled to Australia and I was able to meet her for the first time which was very exciting! This set of envelopes would be lovely to send a friend or pen pal a letter!

So, celebrate International Friendship Day with a great gift from a member of the Christmas in July Team!



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