CIJ Etsy Craft Party Winners!

Contributor blog post by Jennifer from CaffeinatedPapercuts

Hey everyone – still recovering from all the partying we’ve been doing here on the blog? I know I am! So much creativity and information – I love it!

I’m here today to announce the winners of all the wonderful goodies from our Craft Party 2015. They’ve all been contacted and have probably even received their prizes by now.

#EtsyCIJ #CIJCraftParty

#EtsyCIJ #CIJCraftParty

Small Leather Rose Pendant from MiracoliSpB – Heather Morgan

$25 Mystery Box Prize Pack from Rhodyart – Jessica Luiz-Brazil

Coffee Printable from bytheartbug – Carter Hamilton

Set of (2) Cinnamon Treats Wool Felted Hot Pads from timetalentjewels – Magdalena

Set of (4) Fox Note Cards from StinsonPaperCrafts – Diana M.

Ferris Wheel Photography Print from SummerStarsMasonJars – Dawn Whitehead

New York City Map Print from CartoCreative – Jennifer Loftfield

Crooked Houses Blank Art Card from LeeArt – Kristi Alflen

Altered 1920s Style Straw Hat from SSFDesigns – Connie Lee

Quilted Christmas Stocking from Quilterbell – Dawn Whitehead

Tan and Brown Nassa Shell Earrings from Bungalow42 – Ana Quilterbell

Thank you to all who came, read, created, donated, organized and participated in the #craftparty2015. We cannot wait for next year!

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