#CIJParty 2015 – Tutorial: Five Minute Fireworks

Contributor post by Alicia of AliciasFindings

“Tutorial for Five Minute Fireworks” by Christina Paul from lebeauchaton


They say fireworks were invented over two thousand years ago and it seems we’ve been fascinated with them ever since. This year while most of us will trek, blanket and snacks in hand to the nearest public fireworks display to ooh and ahh, why not also add some spark to your own backyard with some scaled down, super simple, and far less dangerous, glow stick decor.


Materials Used

You’ll need

small pieces of foam used for flower arranging (Dollar store has the best buy on these)

black spray paint

assorted color and sized glow sticks (I got a few packs)

sparkly ribbon, tinsel or clear fishing line


Tutorial Directions

I first sprayed the foam lightly with black paint – sometimes this causes certain types of foam to shrivel a bit so test a small area first and let dry

Poke hole through center of foam (I used a chopstick for easy threading) and run tinsel ribbon or line through, securing with a knot

Insert glow sticks firmly placing evenly around foam for balance.


For maximum glow time, start and insert glow sticks shortly before displaying and then simply hang outside when the sun goes down.


Display with mini flags if desired


For an indoor/outdoor version give a lantern some faux firework flare with a festive  balloon weight adorned with glow sticks set on a craft moss ground for an outdoorsy feel



Hoping everyone had a Wonderful Fourth! And a Merry Christmas in July!


You can find more at:

Blog: http://pennywiseblog.blogspot.com/

Pennywise – fun, frivolous and frugal celebrations

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