#CIJParty 2015 – Jewelry Artist Betty

Guest blog post by Betty of LadySnooks

Creating jewelry is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done.  To see an idea in my mind and then draw it, perhaps, and then see if I can make it happen in metal and stone the way I envisioned is wonderful to me.  It did not start that way.

When I first thought about making jewelry, it did not appeal to me at all.  Eight years ago, my brother asked me to run the new section to his jewelry supply business, a bead section. I never touched a jewelry tool or knew what findings even were.  He said I would learn. I did.  But what caught me off guard was the beauty of the gem stones and glass beads.  There was Labradorite with its blue flash, Lapis Lazuli with the sparkles of silver as was the lighter blue, Kyanite, and all the rest along with the  lampwork glass beads.



And so it began….  I tried a simple necklace and I was hooked.  Then I took a class in wire wrapping which uses wire, usually silver or gold filled, to create a bezel and loop in a way that it holds a stone and can be hung from a necklace.  I learned a lot in the class, but didn’t really get motivated or did anything with it.  It was months later, when I read a book on wire wrapping that it all came together for me.  I found the stone cabochons (a flat stone without holes) like Larimar and Turquoise, but also discovered dichroic fused glass and fossils!  How wonderful they all were!!  I could now use them in jewelry!!



Wire wrapping is still my favorite, though I also enjoy making ice resin pendants, charm bracelets and sometimes just beading.  I am beginning to do wire weaving and piercing (sawing a design in the middle of a piece of metal) and want to devote time to these things too.



There are so many different ways to make jewelry, you can always find something new and different. After all the variety of arts and crafts in my life, making jewelry has and is the most gratifying for me.  Eight years have passed, and it has not been relegated into a closed box in the back of my craft closet like a lot of my other abandoned hobbies.  It is always new.



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