#CIJParty 2015 – Heartfelt Christmas Memories On Etsy

Guest blog post by Kristy Jo of KrystalKlarityBeads

Christmas is about memories and memories are what we make of them.  We often share these with our children and our loved ones because they are part of us; part of our past, part of the history of our families – and often a vital part of who we are.

I know we come from all over – all places, races and religions – and that is just something else that I love about being here on Etsy! I know that we do not all celebrate Christmas – and those of us who do may do it in many different ways.

For those of you who do celabrate this time of year in whatever your way – I would so love to show how we are linked to those memories we have made and are making with our families and friends and how we are reminded by what we sell, see and or buy here on Etsy!
Sometimes our memories are about something touching, something treasured, or even just hilarious.  It can also be about remembering those who may not be here with us physically, but have left their imprint on our hearts and are remembered in a special way at holidays.

Here are a few stories from our Christmas in July Team that I would like to share with you during the Etsy CIJ2015 celebration.



Betsy Keep from Betsysbijoux shares:

In my house Christmas was always a time of mass decoration. We had mantles, swags, tree – even a decorated lantern beside the door. And boxers everywhere – there was much food involved and where there is food, there are boxers. The lantern brooch reminds me of our decorated light and the dog reminds me of friends gone.

As for memories – you should have seen our house the year I tied 2 adult boxers to the christmas tree. They ran upstairs and got the tree wedged in the staircase with 2 boxers stuck under the tree and 3 year old wailing at the foot of the stairs.

Amazing that I made it to 63 – when she was alive my Mum never let me forget that one.



You can find these and other wonderful things at Betsysbijoux  store on Etsy.





DesignstheLimit shares:

We have personalized hundreds of ornaments, but a few stand out to memory. We do not remember most of the Our First Christmas Together, Babies First Christmas, or Family Christmas ornaments we have created. Unfortunately, the ones we remember the most are the Baby Memorial Gifts.

We are proud to help our customers show their loved ones how much they care and are saddened by their loss. We believe that personalized memorial gifts are a great way to show your affection towards loved ones suffering from loss.

We have never advertised for memorial gifts and we are troubled by the number of companies that do actively advertise specifically for memorial gifts. We only share this story because after reading the posted topic, it was the first thing that came to mind.

When customers place an order for an ornament or enquire if we can complete an order for a memorial gift, we wish that we could work for free. On more than one occasion, tears have been shared completing and packaging memorial ornaments.

These are not the orders we look forward to, but when you celebrate your Christmas with your children remember to hug them, kiss them, and remember how blessed you are to have them.

Christmas is a time of high emotions, even in July!

You can find these and other wonderful things at the DesignstheLimit store on Etsy.

Go here to find out about how this store donates to different charities  and how you can help when you make a purchase: Donation Match – Design’s The Limit And You Can Make A Difference Together.



Thank you, Betsy and a special thanks to DesignstheLimit, as I do understand that this was to share your story.

I am a lung cancer survivor and as such, I try my best to live each day like it is Christmas because it is!  For each of us every day is a chance to make memories with those we love.

I hope that your year is wonderful and that this Christmas 2015 is a great celebration for you and yours.

—Sincerely; Kristy Jo

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