Welcome To Christmas In July 2015 – #EtsyCIJ 2015

Contributor post by Michelle of EviesToolEmporium

The big day has finally arrived! The first day of Christmas In July 2015!

Events are great ways for sellers to gain exposure, learn about your target market, garner customer feedback and draw attention to your business.

The Christmas In July team leaders have spent the past year working hard behind the scenes for the Christmas In July 2015 event!

We have many fun opportunities for you to be involved!

Here is the tentative blog schedule where you can join us each day to see what is happening!

July 1st – Introduction
July 2nd – #CIJPopUpMarket #1
July 3rd – CIJ & Wandarrah Team Cross Promotion
July 4th – “Color & Creativity”
July 5th – Pop Up Market #2
July 6th – Team Member Feature
July 7th – “Teamwork”
July 8th – Friday Is The #CIJParty
July 9th – Tomorrow Is The #CIJParty
July 10th – #CIJParty
July 11th – “Home For The Holidays”
July 12th – Conclusion

Please see the CIJ forum threads because there are still a few opportunities for you to become active in the 2015 event.


Please use the hashtag #EtsyCIJ on social media!

We are ready with social media for CIJ 2015!

Facebook Event



We will share more details with you in the days to come!

We are ready to celebrate #EtsyCIJ 2015!


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