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Join the Christmas In July team as we celebrate the different seasons of members. Since we are a global team the seasons are as varied as our members – the months of May and June are our focus.

Lia Russo from Ghirlandiamo:

May is the month I absolutely prefer for many reasons. First of all my birthday is in May and it’s nice to be celebrated by family and friends!

This month by us has the perfect temperature: not too hot as in summer but warm enough to go to the beach, a few minutes from my home.

Consider that in one hour I can reach Amalfi and in a bit more Positano, so if I want to spend a day in paradise, I just have to go there! In May they are even more beautiful!

My town, Salerno, in South Italy, is on the sea, but we are surrounded by hills and country, where you can see as spring has sprung out in all its beauty and richness.

Balconies of any buildings are full of flowers, as they have the right sun and temperature.

Even in town you can hear a lot of birds singing and you can see the incredible work of swallows, flying forth and back to prepare their nest under houses roof.

In Italy we call May “the roses month”.



Becky from LollysCubbyHole:

I live in the Sunshine State…that about sums it up! Although I am now in the northern part of Florida, we go back and forth to Miami a lot. Summer brings lots of storms to South Florida and a good deal of rain for most of the state. It is hot, it is muggy at times but it is SUNNY MOST OF THE TIME! Trees, grass and landscapes grow like “weeds” literally and figuratively!

I see itsy bitsy lemons and oranges already on the tips of the trees!



Hungary is warmer than Toronto Canada where I am from . The summer comes earlier and winter means 1-2 days of maybe snow.
The grass stays green.May to me means the poppies are out. Every year the bright color just takes my breath away.
The one thing we loved about living here is the weather. In may especially all the trees have dropped their flowers and the almonds, peaches etc are on coming to life. The garden is filled with birds and bees.
I have a big fig tree and there are so many baby figs on it already.
The feral cats I feed are pregnant and so double food is always needed from now on.
May probably is the nicest month here in Hungary.



CandyAppleCrafts from CandyAppleCrafts:

May is the height of tornado season in the US Midwest, in the midway point of spring. My hometown of Moore, Oklahoma, tends to make it into the national and international news each year with natural disasters. On May 20, 2013, we had one of the worst tornadoes in our history, which destroyed a big part of the town (and it isn’t a small town). If you don’t believe me, just Google that date and check out the Wikipedia article about it.

So far, we’ve had daily, flooding rains and a few tornado scares since the month began. Most people in this area have a storm shelter (a small, underground room with a flat lid) or know where to find one. We also are intimately familiar with the high, droning call of the tornado siren, and the chartreuse color the sky turns when the clouds are full of hail.

I can safely say that I hate the weather in May and tend to wish the month would end quickly, but I do love how everything turns green (intensified against the gray skies, wet-black bark of the plants, and orange-red clay). All the roses and peonies in my yard bloom brightly, and the air is filled with sweet bird calls and the flitting wings and long, forked tails of Scissortail Flycatchers (my state bird).



Dawn Whitehand from DeeDeeDeesigns:

Well, here in Australia it is the first month of Autumn…. many in the northern hemisphere associate Autumn with the falling of leaves, but in Australia we don’t have deciduous trees because we are a much warmer drier climate, even down south closer to the Antarctic.

So, for me Autumn is about the Autumn season flowers, and the forming of new gum nuts on gum trees which will eventually flower in the Spring…

Practically, it is about planting winter veggie seedlings in the garden and also about gathering lots of firewood for the Winter – I live in a particularly cold part of Australia and wood heating is my only form of warmth for both my house and studio.



Char Tyger from TygerDoveDesign:

The geese came home! “April showers bring May flowers.” That’s what my Grandmother used to say. Not only has the times changed, that my Grandmother is no longer with us, I have noted that times (seemingly) have changed the seasons as well. This year, it should be, “May showers bring June flowers.” It has been quite rainy this year; however the trees are bringing out their greens. It’s a wonderful time of year when all around you, you see what has been in slumber proclaim, “I am here! I am alive!” It’s a great thing to see, yet it makes all wonder what Summer will bring. We live by Lake Erie, so what that normally leads to is a muggy, humid, damp air. It only lasts about 3 months, before Fall begins to set in and the leaves begin their grande final with a great color display before they fall off for the winter. The geese fly South and the snow begins to fly. Everything goes back to slumber.



Emma-Louise from LSBJewellery:

 Here in the England May is a mixed month so far this year we’ve had everything from torrential rain, to bright sunshine and hailstones, and that’s just in one day! For me though May is a month where everything is coming into blossom or bloom and the garden suddenly grows fast, but more importantly it is the month I always wait for as the oil rapeseed flowers in the fields and turns the green grass of England to a patchwork of yellow framed by green hedgerows; perfect!




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