Member Feature: Jenscloset

Contributor post by Michelle of EviesToolEmporium

Please join us in welcoming Jen of Jenscloset, our featured member!



Tell us about yourself.       

Hello!  I’m a Mom of three fantastic kids, Lindsey, Mark, and Katherine.  I am married to a nice guy named Bob!

When did you open your business and what make you decide to do so?

I started my first Etsy shop in 2008 (I know have 3 Etsy vintage shops!).  I was laid off from my part time job.

My daughter, Lindsey, had been selling jewelry and jewelry supplies on Etsy, and she talked me into giving it a try.  I am so glad I did!

Tell us a bit about your products.           

In “Jenscloset” I offer a wide variety of vintage, from Pyrex to china, and all kinds of fun retro items!  In my milk glass shop, well, of course, it’s all milk glass!  I also have a vintage china shop, full of more gorgeous vintage china.jenscloset1

What inspires your work?           

I am inspired by all of my gorgeous vintage that has taken over my life and house!  Thank goodness I love it, because it is everywhere!  I have had a passion for antiques/vintage, since I was a little girl visiting my Great Aunt Esther, in her beautiful 250+ year old homestead in Rye, New Hampshire, filled with wonderful antiques!jenscloset2

What are your future goals for the business this year? What is your dream for this business?         

More sales would be great, but I am very grateful for how successful my business has been!  This shop is one of the top selling vintage Etsy shops (in the top 100)!

What makes your business stand out from businesses that sell similar products?

Customers!  If you don’t treat your customers right, well, then you won’t have customers!! I ship out everyday, I pack well, I communicate with my customers, and am very honest.

Tell us a bit about your work space. Do you have a separate studio?

My “office” is in the living room.  My entire house looks like a store! My husband has built shelves for me for all of my items, and they have taken over almost every room, except the bathrooms and the kids rooms!!jenscloset3

What have you learned since opening your business that you wish you had known before hand?

I have learned how to take better pictures, but still struggle with that.  I am hoping to take a photography class to get even better at that.

Any advice for those thinking about selling on Etsy?

My advice is to work hard, promote your shop, and to have excellent customer service.jenscloset4

When you’re not working, what do you like to do to unwind and have fun? Do you have any hobbies?

Well….my hobby really is buying vintage!  I love it!  I even love cleaning my latest finds, and bringing them back to life!

What is your favorite quote?

Don’t expect anything from anyone!

Where can people find out more about your business?  

You can find me everywhere! I’m on twitter, facebook, pinterest, instagram, and more!  You can find more about my business at  I also have a blog (that I have neglected), at

  Is there anything else you’d like to share?         

I love what I do!  I was devastated when I was laid off from my job, but it turned out to be the best thing that could have ever happened to me!jenscloset5

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3 thoughts on “Member Feature: Jenscloset

  1. Your shop is wonderful! One of the things I collect to depression glass. Young people don’t even know what it is….Years ago I was able to find depression glass at a steal. Enjoy your shop! Good luck! Claire


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